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6/26/2018 by Marsha

Nice being able to slice small grapes an tomatoes for different dishes. Saves a lot of time and mess.


Not that impressed

11/1/2019 by Cami

So far, this item hasn’t been nearly as useful as hoped. It is probably good for cherry tomatoes (as shown), olives, and grapes - that’s about it. Things a knife could easily cut through with little resistance. I’ve tried onions and they are too dense and require too much force.


not so rapid

10/31/2019 by Clarice

It is kinda awkward to use...my husband prefers to slice the cherry tomatoes by hand and knife over using the slicer. He thinks using knife is easier and faster.


Too small

2/22/2019 by JOANN

This is really small. Doubt if you could use for entire half of chicken breast.



2/13/2019 by Neil

Good concept. Well made. Variations in tomato size keeps it from being a smooth operation. If you don't fill the slicer up - the time saving aspect erodes very quickly.



11/1/2019 by john

a little sloppy when I sliced them


Wasn't much help

11/1/2019 by Carole

Tried 1 time to slice grapes. Wasn't helpful at all for me. Couldn't get knife thru properly.


Ineffective...so sorry.

7/8/2018 by Martin

Ineffective for the described applications.
So easy to cut yourself.
We hoped for a success but sorry we cannot describe one.


Needs perfecting

5/5/2020 by Sharon

The idea is good, but did not work well for me.


Not useful as slices too thin

12/28/2018 by Jo

This tool would be useful IF it did not slice so very thin. Thus, has very limited use. I will not be using. Too much effort to return.

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The Rapid Slicer Story

Cut a batch grape tomatoes with one slice.

A Cut Above

Cindy Fox had it with slicing tiny, roll-y cherry tomatoes one by one for a salad. So her husband Rob began tinkering to make his own kitchen slicer that did the job faster and easier.

Rapid Slicer is the result of Cindy’s frustration and Rob’s ingenuity. The Made in the USA tool lends a hand when you’re slicing tricky foods—like grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, and brussel sprouts. It can even help with chicken breast and shrimp, too. Depending on what you’re cutting, using a chef’s knife or serrated blade might work best.

Non-slip feet give the base better grip, and the lid holds foods
firmly in place so you can neatly slice through everything in one (easy) pass. Read More Read Less