X1 Apple Car Charger

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A Car Charger That Works!

2/4/2018 by Jean

I’ve always been underwhelmed by car chargers, using them only in dire situations, choosing to rely on a battery pack for days when I know I’ll be putting a heavy load on my phone. This charger makes it worthwhile to use. An excellent tool to set my mind at ease.


Will be handy on long trips.

5/11/2017 by Ann

I haven't used the charger much yet but since I play music on my smart phone when I travel, it will keep my phone charged on a long trip.


Good product... not sure about the "rapid" part...

4/12/2017 by Ashley

Got this charger, mainly because I needed a charger for my iPhone. While it does charge... I don't notice it being any faster than any other charger I've ever had. I didn't buy it for that, necessarily, so that's ok, but at least mine isn't charging any quicker than normal. It does charge though.


Nice Design - Received Faulty Product

8/19/2018 by Wendy

I ordered one of these chargers in orange and then ordered another in black/blue for my son. The charger received for my son was faulty and took over a week (had to wait to get faulty product back and then ground shipping to receive the replacement) to get a working product. I've been a little weary about ordering non-Apple chargers so hopefully the second one will hold up.


It work, just not fast.

11/25/2017 by Laura

This charger works no faster than others I have purchased. I've only used a time or two, but it's adequate for my needs.


Good product would be better if it had an LED lightin the adapter.

8/10/2017 by Diane

I have enjoyed the convenience of the product, although it would be great to have the LED light on the adapter.


could live with out

2/14/2019 by Sharon

Does not charge up my apple phone as fast as it says. It is an ok product but won't buy it again.


It stopped working after using it two times . And I bought three more for other people in my family . So I am hoping the rest of them continue to work . And now the hassle of sending something back

2/4/2019 by Christy

1 bad one that did not last more than twice using it and 3 more to go to see if they last .


should have lasted longer

10/6/2018 by Cindy

I love this rapid charger and it did exactly what it said it would do. But after only 7 months into using it the casing around the wires frayed. So when I used it it was on and off again because of the exposed wire.


Didn’t work after 2 days

12/2/2017 by Matthew

This product worked the first day I used it. Hasn’t worked since.

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The RapidX Story

RapidX | High Speed Car Chargers Review

Charge Everyone

This rapid car charger hosts up to five devices and powers them up twice as fast as your average wall charger. It caters to a car full of people—or your ever-multiplying devices (think: GPS, phone, iPad).

The X5 version has two ports that use intelligent recognition—they read your device, then pull the most possible power accordingly, sending out anywhere from two to 2.4 amps. The remaining three ports charge at a steady two amps (which is double that of an average wall socket).

If you simply want quick charging for one device, their X1 version uses the same rapid charge technology to power
you up twice as fast.

So whether you’re traveling solo or in a packed car, everyone’s device can get a full battery, fast.
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