X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

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Perfect for rideshare drivers

3/10/2017 by Leonard

I've been driving for Uber for just 2 months, and one of the headaches was the battery drain, even connected to a standard car charger. Running the Uber app, Google Maps (no way could it handle the drain Waze causes), and whatever music app all at the same time was killing my battery. This RapidX charger is the real deal. I was actually gaining charge using Waze, Uber and media. Plus it gives me extra USB ports for my customers who may need a quick recharge as I help them get around town. I highly recommend this device.



3/12/2019 by Angela



Appreciated Gift

1/6/2019 by Gregory

It's hard to shop for my brother-in-law, but he seemed to appreciate this Car Charger, and thought he'd make good use of it for the family's phones & tablets.


Works as designed

10/18/2018 by Gary J

This device helps to reduce charger clutter in your car.


Great utility!

7/26/2018 by John

Driving to Annapolis, MD from Madison, WI with my wife, daughter and son-in-law and ALL of us will have our cell phones fully charged for the entire 14 hour drive (


Good product

5/19/2018 by Sharon

I am enjoying this charger


Almost perfect

1/14/2018 by Patti

I do really love sending the charger to the backseat to the kids. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because the part you put up front in your “cigarette charger” has 2 ports. At least in my car “charger one” pushes in too close to plug in 2 devices


Eval of RapidX

11/20/2017 by Edward

My car doesn't have a lighter so there is no place for me to plug the RapidX in. It works well in my wife's car.


Nice idea

10/28/2017 by Cheri

I thought it was a great idea. My husband and I are always trying to figure out whose phone to charge in the car. There is onmy one place to charge a phone. Now witb tbe multiple charger we can charge both phones at the same time. I also bought one as a gift.


Handy Gizmo

10/6/2017 by Pamela

Found it very useful on a long trip by car, to keep two cell phones and a tablet charged.

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The RapidX Story

RapidX | High Speed Car Chargers Review

Charge Everyone

This rapid car charger hosts up to five devices and powers them up twice as fast as your average wall charger. It caters to a car full of people—or your ever-multiplying devices (think: GPS, phone, iPad).

The X5 version has two ports that use intelligent recognition—they read your device, then pull the most possible power accordingly, sending out anywhere from two to 2.4 amps. The remaining three ports charge at a steady two amps (which is double that of an average wall socket).

If you simply want quick charging for one device, their X1 version uses the same rapid charge technology to power
you up twice as fast.

So whether you’re traveling solo or in a packed car, everyone’s device can get a full battery, fast.
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