X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

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Nice to have

8/12/2017 by Kristin

I am usually the only person in my car but on the rare occasion that both my GPS and (dumb)cell phone are dying, this is the perfect answer. While on road trips, I could also charge my Nook and computer at the same time.


Works very well

8/5/2017 by Adelaide

It's really nice having the extra reach with the cord on this hub, and it's worked well with all of our USB products thus far. No complaints!


I'm excited if/when I use it...

6/14/2017 by Sara

It works great for me. I like the idea, but am wondering how the car battery will actually charge 5 devices at once. But its just me in my car, so I'm not sure yet...


Works great!

6/14/2017 by Kathryn C

This charger is great for traveling in the car. The long cord lets those in the backseat connect their devices too.


Great idea!!! Love it, mostly

5/23/2017 by Keyla

I love everything about this charger: fast charging, 2 main ports, 3 more extra ports with a long extension line to get a charge all the way in the back of the family van.
The only problem we have so far is that the 3-port extension does not stay in the holder that clips to a seat or something to keep it handy.


I like it but it falls off

5/14/2017 by Steven

Charging is second to none but the rear charger doesn't stay clipped to the pocket of my car very well. Got one for my wife's car and it stays on ok. Must be the different design of various car pockets.


Nice to have 5 ports

5/12/2017 by Candace K

It's nice to have the 5 ports for all our devices, but two are on the piece that goes into the lighter and they are so low, they are virtually impossible to use. We also havent noticed any great speed in the charge. However, having the longer cord with the 3 extra ports is really nice.


Cute and works

5/10/2017 by Rabin'

This is a super cute little charger that fits into the cigarette-lighter-thing (why do we need those anymore?), has two USB outlets on that piece, plus a piece attached to a long cord with three outlets. I don't know at this point if it's slowing down my charging or not. It does charge my Android and MP3 players. And I love the colors (orange/white, so stands out in my gray car).


Great Addition to Car Electronics

5/10/2017 by Maureen

Love the convenience of the X5. No need to wait for someone else to finish charging before you can charge. Takes up so little room. Great item


Car charger worked great on a road trip

5/3/2017 by Zoe

I bought this charger for our spring vacation which was a road trip up the coast of California. It was great to have a charger that worked well for the parents in the front and kid in the back. It worked well and I am glad we had it.

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This rapid car charger hosts up to five devices and powers them up twice as fast as your average wall charger. It caters to a car full of people—or your ever-multiplying devices (think: GPS, phone, iPad).

The X5 version has two ports that use intelligent recognition—they read your device, then pull the most possible power accordingly, sending out anywhere from two to 2.4 amps. The remaining three ports charge at a steady two amps (which is double that of an average wall socket).

If you simply want quick charging for one device, their X1 version uses the same rapid charge technology to power
you up twice as fast.

So whether you’re traveling solo or in a packed car, everyone’s device can get a full battery, fast.
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