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For the gadget lover

10/2/2019 by JOAN

I love fresh herbs, but a bit a pain getting the stems off parsley, cilantro and such. With this tool, you just thread the herb through the opening and pull. Stem is clean and all of the leafy herb is there for you to chop up and/or freeze for another day. Since I got this tool, I've become a herb'in fool.


Excellent Gift

6/26/2019 by Peter

This has become an excellent gift for our friends.


Handy tool!

5/21/2019 by Barb

This really works slick for chard, kale & herbs. A little sharp when holding it on the top. I haven't tried to hold on the end like the picture but doubt I could because of hand surgery and arthritis. I'm sure a piece of duct tape across the top will help.


Great product

5/20/2019 by Kathy

This kale and herb stripper works very well. I have used a few plastic ones that were not effective but this is sturdy and makes the job so easy! I have used it for kale, thyme, rosemary and dill.



5/20/2019 by Therese

Truthfully I have not used it yet. However, when my herbs 'come in'...I have a good feeling this does what it says .. My DIL is taking classes in herbal medicine. No doubt this will become very useful.


A great tool

4/9/2019 by Stormin

Stripping kale with a knife is a chore, this tool make the task very easy. Just grab the stalk and run the tool down the stalk.

I highly recommend purchasing this tool.


does the job!

3/2/2019 by Lucyna

Great compact kitchen gadget. Use it only for Kale. AND it's amazing. Shaves off the leaves with 1-2 swipes and done :)


Where has this been all my life??

2/24/2019 by Catherine

I absolutely LOVE this "gadget"! I do a lot of dehydrating of kale, collard greens, sage, thyme, and I couldn't do so well without this handy tool. What a great invention! Onsce I find someone who likes to cook as much as I do, I'll buy one for them.
Highly recommend!


Another second purchase

2/17/2019 by Charlene

Bought for a friend who uses a lot of homegrown herbs and greens. Just loves her "new toy".


Huge Time Saver

2/16/2019 by Jennifer

I bought this as a Christmas stocking stuffer for my husband and it's been awesome for both of us in the kitchen.

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The Raw Rutes Story

Raw Rutes | Kale & Herb Razor

Kale & Herb Tool

Raw Rutes has created a better way to de-stem kale. And their handy kale razor pulls double duty as an herb stripper, too.

The Buffalo-based team is all about making cooking and kitchen prep easier. Their smart little tool is a great example of their well-made approach. The Kale Razor and Herb Stripping Tool is Made in the USA with stainless steel, of which 60% is recycled material that is locally sourced whenever possible.

The tool feels good in your hand—it’s well-balanced and sturdy. The super-sharp blade quickly removes kale leaves from the stalk, and it works great with mustard, collard,
and other leafy greens, too. Six integrated holes strip various herbs, like rosemary and thyme, without you having to reach for another tool. These prep tasks are easier and quicker—and more satisfying, too—with this razor in hand. Read More Read Less