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Pocket-Sized Duct Tape Case of 10

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Saved My Butt This Week

9/1/2017 by Desmond

I had forgotten that I had ordered these and thrown a couple in the glove box of each of our cars. A problem came up this week and I was able to solve it because I had this on hand! Another Grommet problem solver!


Travel must have

8/27/2017 by Katherine

I bought these for gifts but kept a few for myself. Good thing! On an out of the country trip we were in need of some duct tape. My husband was so surprised when I said " I have some." Perfect size and I keep one pack in my purse.


Works As Duct Tape Should

8/10/2017 by Sherra

Convenient pocket size. I keep one in my purse, in my glove compartment, in my gym bag, in my junk drawer in my kitchen, in my horse bag for the barn and I gave away a couple to friends!


Perfect Size to Stash in Glovebox

5/9/2017 by Desmond

Love having Duct tape in Glove box and other small spaces. Always at hand!


Very Handy

5/8/2017 by Eli

I like to have duct tape when I travel. Comes in very handy mending luggage for example. This is very easy to pack and carry.


Small Spaces=Big Saves

5/3/2017 by Maria Elena

Packaged combinations of the sliver/black together with the bright colors pocket-sized Duct Tape as gifts for people who MUST travel light. Think: bicycle pannier, motorcycle saddlebags, walker/hikers backpacks, campers, etc. Duct tape in any color can SAVE THE DAY.


Very convenient

2/28/2017 by Ruthaves

I like this product very much. I am female and it is so much easier to handle that the big roll.


Great for traveling

2/24/2017 by Barbara

You ALWAYS need duct tape! I used to travel with a big roll and it was way too heavy. Now I travel with these small rolls and it is perfect! I put one in our car too! You never know when you'll need it! Thanks for an awesome product!


Very Snazzy

2/22/2017 by Janet

This is such a great idea! works well.


Long overdue --- great idea

1/30/2017 by Richard

Great way to keep duct tape at the ready. Perfect size to tuck away almost anywhere and have duct tape handy when you really need it.

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The RediTape Story

Duct tape that fits in your pocket.

Travel Tape

Duct tape is a household essential, but that big bulky roll doesn’t exactly travel—or even store—well. Thankfully RediTape has created pocket-friendly, travel duct tape that’s flattened to fit anywhere easily. It’s the same ultra-strong, multi-functional, quick-fix tool that we all know and love but smaller and more convenient to have on hand.

RediTape’s Jay Kolb is a duct tape devotee, but found the big cardboard roll a drawback. Jay felt that something as versatile as duct tape should be easier to keep on hand—or even in a pocket.

Pocket duct tape fits neatly into pockets, backpacks, bags,
and the glove compartment. And the slim, low-profile design fits better in the usual spots like the kitchen drawer, tool box, or workbench.

Now the tried and true problem solver can do the jobs it always has—whether you’re crafting, DIY-ing, or making a quick fix—pretty much anywhere.
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