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Pocket-Sized Duct Tape Case of 10

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Compact n user friendly

1/25/2017 by Catherine

Compact n the portability is superb . Place in your pocket n go ...



1/24/2017 by Julie

I always give something extra with gift cards at Christmas. So this will be my gift for 2017.

They say if you are in trouble, you can't go wrong with duct tape. And if fits in your pocket or purse.


Great gift for a homefixer

1/24/2017 by Catherine

This was a terrific gift for the guy who has everything, and it was truly his favorite, so he says!


handy stuff

1/24/2017 by james

A great way to have duct tape handy for those unexpected moments.


Should have thoight of this sooner

1/24/2017 by Nina

Perfect size to carry in my purse. Will use in christmas stockings next year.


Handy to take to the Women's March in D.C.

1/24/2017 by Amanda

I attended the Women's March in Washington D.C. on January 21st, 2017, and I didn't quite know what to expect. I bought a six pack to give one to each person in our group and during the day I saw things like stickers reattached with our duck tape and a strap of a knapsack reattached with our duct tape. It was great to have that conveniently shaped tool in our bag.


My husband was thrilled!!!!

1/24/2017 by Misty

Planning on giving to my green beret son too!


Sometimes you just don’t need the roll!

2/14/2019 by Heather

Flat duct tape doesn’t take up a lot of space in a suitcase. I use it a lot when I travel as well as at home.


Great for travel and auto kits.

9/19/2017 by Don Freeman

RediTape will not win a cost/inch contest with a roll from the hardware store. But it is a great addition to your travel "ditty bag" and your auto emergency kit.


Small Is Good

1/26/2017 by Juliann

I purchased these small bits of duct tape to put in my emergency kit and in my car. I also gave two to my friend for her emergency kit. I find the rolls of duct tape are cumbersome, they dry out as they sit in my car for long periods of time and are difficult to peel. I haven't used these yet, so I cannot address the drying out problem of a big roll. I also use duct tape in my camping gear when I go camping. I have repaired lots of tent poles, tears, and once my food pack where a porcupine chewed a hole. So for me it is convenient to have smaller and flatter duct tape.

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The RediTape Story

Duct tape that fits in your pocket.

Travel Tape

Duct tape is a household essential, but that big bulky roll doesn’t exactly travel—or even store—well. Thankfully RediTape has created pocket-friendly, travel duct tape that’s flattened to fit anywhere easily. It’s the same ultra-strong, multi-functional, quick-fix tool that we all know and love but smaller and more convenient to have on hand.

RediTape’s Jay Kolb is a duct tape devotee, but found the big cardboard roll a drawback. Jay felt that something as versatile as duct tape should be easier to keep on hand—or even in a pocket.

Pocket duct tape fits neatly into pockets, backpacks, bags,
and the glove compartment. And the slim, low-profile design fits better in the usual spots like the kitchen drawer, tool box, or workbench.

Now the tried and true problem solver can do the jobs it always has—whether you’re crafting, DIY-ing, or making a quick fix—pretty much anywhere.
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