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Notebook with take out pages

10/27/2018 by Gail

Use it firme importante things. You can take out pages that need to be saved.


Magnetic Notebook

10/27/2018 by Joseph

Sitting at a conference table my co-worker saw me change pages and could not wait for meeting to be over to inquire about how I did that so silently. She was impressed and I was happy to share my information with her. You may be getting another customer. JR


Great Idea, Well Made

10/27/2018 by John

I am seriously upset that I did not think of this idea but also seriously glad that someone else did. You can remove or rearrange notes/pages at will and you can mix or match pages of different styles (ruled, grid or dot grid). The magnetic spine even keeps your pen/pencil close.


Efficient and STRONG

10/22/2018 by Linda

This notebook has numerous advantages. What I am most surprised and pleased with is the strength of the magnetic strip on the pages. I whole heartedly recommend the magnetic notebook.


Neat But Don’t Know How I’d Use It

5/26/2019 by Karen

I ordered this item because it looked unusual and I didn’t understand how it worked. It is unique and I’ve had friends ooh and aah over it but I can’t think how I’d use it!

Would need to keep reordering filler paper!


Mixed Feelings

10/30/2018 by Gayle

What an interesting concept! Love the pages and the notebook and how it works. But, of course, it is just notebook paper. So, once you've used it, you throw it away. Which makes it EXPENSIVE notebook paper. I bought it for myself and for a friend and we both agree - love it, but wouldn't buy it again. (Sorry!)


Ok for special notes, not everyday note taking

10/24/2018 by terry

I like the idea of moving pages, but i have not moved any yet. For note keeping i don't see an advantage for recipes and making presentation outlines i think it will be valuable


A good idea but falls short on detail

10/14/2018 by Gina Kaitlen

The Rekonect Magnetic Book is a terrific idea. I will enjoy using it. However, it misses in the fine details of construction. As soon as unwrapped the notebook one of the end tabs fell off, which I opted to superglue. Along the spine, the white strip was torn, which again I opted to superglue.
I ordered refills which are satisfactory.
I suppose I could have returned the main notebook, but I decided that the return would be too much of an inconvenience overall.
Nonetheless, if these details were corrected, I would recommend this product to others.


A bit disappointing

1/4/2020 by Susan

The concept of pages that can be rearranged appealed to me so I ordered and was very excited when it arrived. However, the excitement was short-lived. The notebook cover has deep dents where the elastic closure band rests across it. The pages are made of very thin paper - nearly see-through, and many the pages have slight wrinkles in them. I will use it but I wouldn’t recommend it unless the quality improves.

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The Rekonect Story

Rekonect | The Grommet

Movable Pages

Charles Good-Man wanted to make a custom notebook with pages that could be moved and organized just as he liked. The artist and graphic designer was frustrated with the limits of a typical sketchpad and after experimenting for over two years, he finally landed on a magnetic solution.

Rekonect is the result of Charles re-engineering the standard notebook and making it anything but. A strip of iron ink printed on each page makes it connect to the notebook’s magnetic spine. This holds the pages firmly in place and makes them easy to remove, organize, and reattach exactly how you want them. Write,
draw, scan, photocopy, or print on one, and then put it back in any spot in the notebook. Now things like daily lists, sketches, and notes are as moveable and shareable as your thoughts. Read More Read Less