Wine Saver Stopper - 10 Pack Case of 15

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Repou: Wine Saver Stopper

6/22/2018 by Rosie

I love my wine saver stopper because it keeps my wine tasting just as good as the day I opened the bottle!


Great for travel

2/13/2018 by Nancy

I take a stopper with me when I am on the road. An easy solution to keeping your wine. Small so easy to pack and does a wonderful job!


Great gift!

1/4/2018 by Bonnie

This was given as a gift to a wine lover. It was very much appreciated. I have been told it does a good job in the wine bottle, so it was a perfect present. Thanks Grommet!


Great device

12/31/2017 by Florcine

Works great kept my wine fresh for a couple day I Absolutelty love it


Great item!

10/11/2017 by David

These work very well , keeps wine fresh for a few days. Good value.


Works great

8/30/2017 by Ted

I like the idea of saving a nice wine for a week at least.


Great gift for a wine connoisseur

8/30/2017 by Kathy

Gave this to my son for his birthday. He told me he uses them and they work well!



8/11/2017 by Denise

So far the one I have used has worked great. Just didn't realize they were a one bottle use at the time of purchase.


Best stopper I've found

8/11/2017 by David

I am a rabid wine drinker and love these stoppers. Tight fit, keeps the bottle sealed well, and easy yo clean. A must have!


Stretched Merlot Enjoyment to 2 Weeks

8/11/2017 by Jerry

Evaluating these for use at tasting bar of our wine shop. Took a 12 old merlot and sipped over the course of two weeks using this stopper. Last sip was as good as the first.

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The Repour Story

Keep wine good to the last glass—for months.

Wine Preserver

These wine preservers can keep an open bottle fresh for weeks—or longer. You might not know that oxidation is the culprit that robs wine of taste once the bottle is open. Each Repour is one-time-use smart stopper that effectively blocks out air, preserving your vintage in a drinkable state.

Chemist (and wine lover) Tom Lutz created Repour to make a bottle’s last glass taste as good as the first. It’s Made in the USA and contains oxygen-absorbing materials that remove oxygen from the bottle and the wine itself, too.

With Repour in place of a standard cork, you can save a full bottle of wine,
even if you’re only drinking a glass at a time over days, weeks, or months. Now there’s no pressure to finish a bottle or toss it—it’s patiently waiting for you. Read More Read Less