Wine Saver Stopper - 10 Pack Case of 15

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10/2/2017 by John

I've got 4, but I've only used one, briefly. They seem to work fine.


It actually does say it's for one use only

8/7/2017 by Vickie

The description states:
"Intended to save one full bottle of wine. Dispose of stopper when wine is finished
Oxygen-absorbing capacity is not reusable"

Makes it a little pricier than I want to go for, but it's honest.

[Maker response: Thanks, Vickie. We hear you that it's a little pricier than you wanted. Know that even
with a pretty modestly priced wine, you can get a return with Repour by saving just one
glass. We hope you will stick with us and keep letting Repour save your wine. It's a
great hostess and holiday gift, too!]


Jury is still out...

2/13/2019 by Katherine

Hard to tell if this is working. I also have had the stopper pop out spontaneously. I think I prefer my vacuum cork.


Not worth the money

3/27/2018 by Young

I did not realize these were single use. I suppose they work well, yes. But bottom line is I will not keep rebuying these. I got another set of reusable wine stoppers on Amazon. I wish I had done that in the first place.


Not Happy

11/11/2018 by Deanna

I was really looking forward to using these to save the freshness of my wine. I very rarely buy wine and I wanted to be sure it stayed fresh. I was so disappointed when I went to use it as it did not stay in the neck of the bottle no matter how hard I pushed down on it.


One time use

10/23/2018 by Alan

Really, one use than though it away? I drink wine every day. When I bought this, I didn't realize you use it only once per bottle. I've had great luck with normale stoppers. For this, I think the price is too high. This is a rich man's toy.


Not what I expected

8/10/2017 by Joan

Thought is was re-usable so I returned the product.

[Maker response: We hate to hear that, Joan. In order for Repour to work within a simple one-piece stopper design without extra components, gadgets, or batteries, we had to limit its saving capacity to one bottle of wine. We hope you will give Repour another try: Even if just saving one glass Repour can provide a nice return on investment and be well worth the expense.]


Just purchased the repour winesaver

7/26/2017 by Charlie

Just received the repour winesaver. Was very surprised when reading the description on the package that they cannot be reused - it's one and done after the bottle is used. You should note that on your webpage and not have the consumer read it once received

[Maker: We're sorry for any confusion, Charlie. Please know it is entirely unintended. In order for Repour to work within a simple one-piece stopper design without extra components, gadgets, or batteries, we had to limit its saving capacity to one bottle of wine. We tried to make this clear by making several statements that Repour has the capacity to save one bottle and that Repour is not reusable. Nonetheless, we will take this comment to heart and keep Tom's innovation engine working toward a future of a Repour stopper with infinite wine saving capacity!]

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The Repour Story

Keep wine good to the last glass—for months.

Wine Preserver

These wine preservers can keep an open bottle fresh for weeks—or longer. You might not know that oxidation is the culprit that robs wine of taste once the bottle is open. Each Repour is one-time-use smart stopper that effectively blocks out air, preserving your vintage in a drinkable state.

Chemist (and wine lover) Tom Lutz created Repour to make a bottle’s last glass taste as good as the first. It’s Made in the USA and contains oxygen-absorbing materials that remove oxygen from the bottle and the wine itself, too.

With Repour in place of a standard cork, you can save a full bottle of wine,
even if you’re only drinking a glass at a time over days, weeks, or months. Now there’s no pressure to finish a bottle or toss it—it’s patiently waiting for you. Read More Read Less