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Pet Bather Case of 12

Reviews (3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good product for shower

2/3/2020 by Barbara

Works fine, Makes my work cleaning the shower so much easier. Love it


Versatile product, excellent response from company

1/6/2020 by Mary

This works exactly as presented. I use this on my low flow shower head with no leaks. It will also fit on the regular tub faucet. For my use I prefer the low flow of the shower head. I needed another length of hose to adequately reach my dog and the company sent an extra length very prompt at no charge. That is service!


Came back for two more!

12/27/2019 by Jodie

We have a large shower and it is difficult to wash and rinse! I saw the Rinseroo and decided to give it a try! It slips right over the shower head and I am able to rinse my entire shower with no problems! It is also great for washing our little dog! Love this thing! Ordered two more: one for the extra bathroom and giving one as a gift to a friend who has the same issues!


So happy

12/10/2019 by Allison

I've been looking and looking for a detachable hose for my large tub. We're on well water, so pressure is not what it could be elsewhere. Trying to rinse the tub from the faucet in one corner has been an exercise in futility. No more, thanks to this hose.


Love this handy invention!

11/9/2019 by Chris

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever bought. It makes giving my dog a bath 10x easier! I have a little dog, and the places I’ve lived never had a detachable shower head so I was giving her a bath by filling a Tupperware with water and dumping it on her to wet, wash, and rinse her off! Very time consuming! This little device is awesome because the little silicone part just slides over the showerhead (you don’t have to worry about the size - it’s very stretchy) and it’s like a little hose! It makes the bath quicker and quieter and even though she doesn’t like her baths- this makes it so much better!!! It is also handy for rinsing off my shower walls.


Great product. So glad I tried it.

9/8/2019 by Ginger

My 14 pound dog used to hide at bath time. He is much more receptive to baths now that we’re using this product. The tubing allows a small effective flow of water that does a great job and it doesn’t scare my dog like the big noisy shower head I used to use. The trick to using this product is to make sure the sleeve is fully connected to the faucet head. Then slowly increase water pressure and stop as soon as you see the sleeve begin to move. Too much pressure will slide the sleeve right off. Bath time is a breeze for both of us now. I’m very happy with this purchase and it is a quality product.


Perfect for grandkids hair

8/19/2019 by Julie

I got this for my daughter to help with hair washing. The kids love not getting any of that soapy water in their eyes.



8/8/2019 by kerry

Love this product. Customer service was outstanding! Thank you so much.


Great large faucet hose

7/20/2019 by Debbie

Could never find a hose to fit over our bath tub faucet.Giving the dog a bath was almost impossible. This fits perfectly.


Very Handy

7/2/2019 by Martha

I needed a new option to the very old plastic attachment for the basement sink. This works well for directing the water flow to clean cat boxes. The attachment sheath is very flexible and due to my smaller faucet to attach it to, it feels maybe a little less secure than if used on a larger tub spout. Not the fault of the Rinseroo at all.

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The Rinseroo Story

Rinseroo | Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose

Easy Rinsing

Rinseroo pet shower sprayer was made by Lisa Lane, who loathed cleaning the shower dating back to her childhood-chore days. Grown-up Lisa’s solution streamlines the bulk and hassle from rinsing shower walls and she found it to be just as useful for other jobs, like washing her pets.

Rinseroo’s rubbery elastopolymer connector can stretch up to ten times its size, so it easily slips onto just about any shower head or faucet to work as a hose attachment. It makes things like pet baths and bucket-fills easier and less splashy. And because there’s no installation needed, it can move around the
house to do the jobs you need. Read More Read Less