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sorry I got

5/20/2019 by Barbra

Love the idea for my scaredy cat dog, but this thing split on the first use


Sounds good, but...

5/15/2019 by Mary

I was really disappointed. It doesn't stay attached and the water comes out soo slowly, it makes it difficult to get a good rinse. Back to the groomers.


not helpful

5/14/2019 by Jan

does not attach well


Not happy

5/10/2019 by Terri

Bought to use for sick family member. The silicone hose does not make tight seal and it kept blowing up and feting water everywhere. Not worth it. Will return for refund.



5/7/2019 by Lisa

it fills up like a water balloon and comes apart and water goes everywhere, would return if I hadn’t already used it


Not impressed.

5/5/2019 by Angel

It doesn't work with my tub faucet. It just flies right off when I turn on the water.
I want to return it.


It does not work.

5/5/2019 by susan

I tried it on my bathtub and it forced water up the back. I have never had a field item from grommet but this one is a definite fail.



5/3/2019 by Marie

Tried it on my faucet. Would not stay on no matter how little flow of water. Even tried using a couple of tight rubber bands to keep it in place. No go. Total waste of money.


don't waste your money

5/1/2019 by christine

this was the worst purchase I've ever made from the grommet. item came in pieces that had to be put back together with no assembly instructions and every way I tried it, the water would balloon up at the top like a big water balloon and had to shut it off or it would pop!


Slip on and slip right off

4/30/2019 by Elbert

Just popped right off the spigot with barely a trickle of water. So sorry I wasted my money.

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The Rinseroo Story

Rinseroo | Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose

Easy Rinsing

Rinseroo pet shower sprayer was made by Lisa Lane, who loathed cleaning the shower dating back to her childhood-chore days. Grown-up Lisa’s solution streamlines the bulk and hassle from rinsing shower walls and she found it to be just as useful for other jobs, like washing her pets.

Rinseroo’s rubbery elastopolymer connector can stretch up to ten times its size, so it easily slips onto just about any shower head or faucet to work as a hose attachment. It makes things like pet baths and bucket-fills easier and less splashy. And because there’s no installation needed, it can move around the
house to do the jobs you need. Read More Read Less