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Shower Cleaner

5/8/2020 by Joan

I bought this item in March and even the tracking shows it was delivered but I never received it. I won’t order from this company again.


Didn't work for me

5/4/2020 by Jane

It would not stay on my faucet. So disappointed because I was intending to use it on my utility tub faucet for shampooing my dog.


bummer for my needs

4/28/2020 by kelli

Unfortunately, I was using the attachment on a large master tube faucet to batch dogs and the faucet does not angle enough to keep the water from running backwards so I had major flooding from the water backing up.


Does not work well

4/19/2020 by Yvonne

The rubber gasket blows up like a balloon and leaks or blows off the faucet. There needs to be some sort of clamp to help keep it on.

The water comes out extremely slow..probably why the rubber attachment blows up.


Just not for me

4/11/2020 by nancy

This is a fabulous idea; it just did not work for me.

It did not work with my particular showerhead.

When I turned on the water, it did send water down the hose but, also forced water out of one of the connections on my shower head, slowing down or cutting off flow to the hose and spewing water everywhere.

Sadly, I am going to have to return.

P.S. It did spring holes.


Doesn't deserve even 1 star

12/10/2019 by cindi

poorly made and does not fit a standard utility sink faucet


Not a great product

12/2/2019 by Jo

I thought this product would be perfect for my solution to getting my dog clean. Unfortunately the attachment is no thicker than a balloon and comes immediately off the shower head or bath fixture. It might work with a small amount a water but would never get anything clean.


Do not buy'

11/30/2019 by Era

Doesn't work on any of our faucets!


didn't work for me

11/2/2019 by Martha

This attachment hose didn't work for our faucets or for the purpose I wanted to use it for. I wanted to fasten it to the bathtub faucet and then wash the dog. But the hose has to be lower than the faucet or water backs up into the connector piece and fills up like a balloon. Also, it won't fit on our rain-shower style shower heads, so that doesn't work for us either. This product would work if you have smaller shower heads or a dog that is shorter than the bathtub faucet.


Waste of money

11/1/2019 by Rebecca

I bought this to try to make bathing my dogs easier. This definitely did not do the trick. I put it on the faucet and after a short while it blows right off. We have tried putting it farther up the faucet and using the shorter hose. Neither worked. Just made a big mess.

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The Rinseroo Story

Rinseroo | Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose

Easy Rinsing

Rinseroo pet shower sprayer was made by Lisa Lane, who loathed cleaning the shower dating back to her childhood-chore days. Grown-up Lisa’s solution streamlines the bulk and hassle from rinsing shower walls and she found it to be just as useful for other jobs, like washing her pets.

Rinseroo’s rubbery elastopolymer connector can stretch up to ten times its size, so it easily slips onto just about any shower head or faucet to work as a hose attachment. It makes things like pet baths and bucket-fills easier and less splashy. And because there’s no installation needed, it can move around the
house to do the jobs you need. Read More Read Less