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7/24/2019 by Danessa

I just got this in the mail today planning to use it to wash my dog in the tub as is clearly shown in the products pictures. However, there was an insert in the box saying not to use this on tubs as the water pressure is to high. What a joke. This is not written anywhere in the description and is FALSE ADVERTISING. I wish I hadn't bought it. I guess it's going into the garage box of useless things.


Not good

6/26/2019 by Sandra

I can't find a portable hose that fits over my tub faucet I tried everywhere. I thought this was the answer but it didn't work.


Did not work for me

6/21/2019 by Letitia

Hose kept coming off. Got water all over myself. Would not recommend for myself. Was going to send back but it would probably be more trouble and return would also cost me money.


slip-On Hose

6/14/2019 by Karen

Doesn't work on any of my faucets. It blows up like a balloon and leaks water bad. If I could give it a zero
I would. Waste of time and money.


Not worth it at all

6/13/2019 by Karen

I will never again purchase an item that doesn't have at least a dozen reviews. I had the same issue as most of the others- the thing either slipped off or blew up like a water balloon. Either way, still not able to actually use it to wash a dog. Epic fail. Would return it but my dog ate the box.....


It didn’t work for me

6/10/2019 by Rebekah

It didn’t work for me. The part that attached to the faucet no matter how slow the stream of water, it filled up like a water balloon and exploded water. It came put together. It’s not hard to use it just did not work. Waiting on refund.


Just can't make it work

6/3/2019 by Cheri

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get this thing to stay on my faucet. I'm not ready to toss it out yet, but I've tried several different faucets of varying shapes and sizes, and the flexible silicone collar either slides right off the end, or stays on but forms a big balloon of water that blows the hose off the faucet and soaks everything. Pretty frustrating!


Not a good purchase

5/28/2019 by Jan

I was really excited to have an alternative for bathing my puppy. I’ve tried it on 5 different faucets. It leaks or blows right off. Even took it to work to fill a bucket from a sink... total mess.
Sorry, but I wish I would have passed.


Does not work

5/27/2019 by Angela

Unfortunately the water doesn’t come out of the hose unless you keep the hose lower than the faucet. The attachment fills up like a water balloon and the pressure pops it off. Waste of money.


Didn’t function as shown

5/22/2019 by Suzanne

I hooked up the Rinseroo to my basement sink faucet.
I had to roll it back as demonstrated as the
faucet was medium size. Instead of the water flowing through the tube, it accumulated & formed a balloon in the part placed over the faucet until it became larger & larger and blew off.

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The Rinseroo Story

Rinseroo | Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose

Easy Rinsing

Rinseroo pet shower sprayer was made by Lisa Lane, who loathed cleaning the shower dating back to her childhood-chore days. Grown-up Lisa’s solution streamlines the bulk and hassle from rinsing shower walls and she found it to be just as useful for other jobs, like washing her pets.

Rinseroo’s rubbery elastopolymer connector can stretch up to ten times its size, so it easily slips onto just about any shower head or faucet to work as a hose attachment. It makes things like pet baths and bucket-fills easier and less splashy. And because there’s no installation needed, it can move around the
house to do the jobs you need. Read More Read Less