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Rogue Industries

Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet Sample

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Quality Product

2/8/2020 by Kenneth

Very good quality, and made in America.
Fits great in my front pocket and has plenty of room. Hard to beat.


Great wallet

1/27/2020 by Everette

I really like this wallet. It's slightly larger than I expected but not a problem. It fits in all of the pants I've tried it with so far. I got the larger version because I really need the extra slots for cards. The bison leather seems nice and sturdy and the wallet seems to be well constructed. Occasionally, I forget that I have in in my front pocket and I reach around back with a momentary sense of panic that me wallet is missing. It's nice not to be sitting on my wallet now.


Great item!

1/16/2020 by Terry

Been looking for something like this for a long time, and this has met my every need. Great job!


Finally, something that works

1/9/2020 by Suzie

My husband has lost his wallet more times than I care to remember. Most times we eventually find it, but it happens because it falls out of his back pocket. (Little butt and jeans are too loose). So I thought I'd give this side wallet a try and I think it's going to work! Hooray!


A comfortable fit

12/26/2019 by Judy

I bought this for a gift. Although hubby hasn't had a chance to use it, he is very pleased with the design and feel of it in his pocket. Hubby was very surprised as he had never seen this type of design.


Great Idea for a great wallet

12/21/2019 by Arlene Schmidt

Holding for a February birthday gift for my 17 year old grandson so I’ll have to wait for his reviews. I personally love the idea. I love the leather and the boxed presentation. I recently attended an agenda from a certified chiropractor who recommended all men remove their wallets from the rear pocket to avoid back problems.


Great Wallet, Second Purchu

12/11/2019 by Teresa

I bought this a wallet a few years ago for my son. He was always loosing and leaving his wallet from pulling it out of his front pocket and just laying it around. My purchase solved that problem!!! It’s wonderful. Now this purchase is for my husband who keeps his wallet in his front pocket also. He will love it, I know I do!!!


Very comfortable!

10/8/2019 by Jeff

I have a cranky back, and getting my wallet out of my back pocket and into the front makes me more comfortable sitting. I still have the occasional panic when I reach behind for my wallet and it's not there, but time is helping. A great change.


Husband Loves it!

9/9/2019 by Barbara

I bought one for my husband for his birthday. I noticed that he was putting his money and driver's license in his front pocket and leaving his wallet at home and thought this would help and he loves it!


It's Great

7/26/2019 by Peter

Fits in the front pocket as stated. Feels secure and I have more peace of mind now. Very satisfied with this purchase.

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The Rogue Industries Story


Michael Lyons began designing men’s front pocket wallets when he couldn’t find the right one for himself. Now along with his son Wells, he makes curved wallets to fit easily into curved front pockets.

Michael made the switch to the front pocket to make his back feel better. A trip to the doctor left him with a prescription to stop storing his wallet in his back pocket. It might sound like an odd diagnosis, but it proved true for Michael. And since most of the wallets he found were square or rectangular, they didn’t fit as well as they could—which spurred him to create Rogue Industries.

Front Pocket Wallets are made in Maine from leather, like cow, bison, or even moose, and can comfortably carry cards and cash. And there’s added RFID protection, too. It’s safer—and can be healthier—to carry your wallet in a front pocket, and these ones are the perfect fit. Read More Read Less