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Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet Sample

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Great Wallet

9/28/2020 by Cheryl

I bought this wallet for my husband. I have given him wallets in the past (we've been married 49 years) and he always thanked me, but this is the first time he has told me, over and over, how great this wallet is. It is well made, good looking, carries a lot but fits so comfortably.


Great idea

7/21/2020 by Ginny

I bought 2 of these! Fits great in front pocket ! Excellent quality.


Nice change

7/20/2020 by Howard

Now, this is a nice wallet. I use it in my left front pocket. This product is particularly useful for anybody with any type of nerve pain in legs. Immediate pain relief. But I don’t need it for that anymore; it is just more secure and comfy than back-pocket wallets. And the material is terrific.


I recently had my wallet stolen

7/12/2020 by Timothy

It was this Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet which I have already replaced it with the same.


My boyfriend LOVES this wallet

6/8/2020 by Samantha

I bought this wallet for him for our 5th year anniversary and he loves it. He always hated the one you put in your back pocket but had to use them since that's all they had in stores. Then I found Grommet and this wallet and I am so happy.


Really nice

5/24/2020 by Patricia

Well made and designed. Hubby loves it! Thank you


Fits like a glove!

5/22/2020 by Debi

I bought this for my husband and he loves it! He wears his wallet in his front pocket due to his siatic-nerve. He use to have a big-bulky square wallet but this fits so nice and is very comfortable! Great idea for shape! The quality is superb, well worth the cost!


Great gift for Dad!

4/19/2020 by Deneen

I bought this for my father who had used several money clips along the way and didn’t want to go back to a huge wallet. He loved it and is able to fit all of his pertinent cards as well as cash.


Great purchase for teenage son!!!

4/14/2020 by Bridget

I bought this wallet for my 15 year old son. He loves it and it fits perfectly in his front pocket. He can't wait to show it to all his friends. Says it's a cool concept and I couldn't agree more.


Christmas gift

2/10/2020 by Michael

I love it. I got it as a Christmas gift and couldn't be happier.

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The Rogue Industries Story

Curved to Fit

It was doctor’s orders that Rogue Industries Michael Lyons carry his wallet in a front pocket. Turns out, by carrying it in a back pocket Michael was causing his own back aches. The switch up front did the trick, but because most wallets are square or rectangle, they didn’t fit as well as they could. Now along with his son Wells, Michael makes curved wallets to fit easily into front pockets.

The front-pocket and any-pocket card wallets are carefully crafted in Maine with American leather like cow, bison, and even moose to wear well over time. And these are the perfect fit when it comes to
balancing quality, durability, and comfort. Read More Read Less