Rogue Industries

Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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Too expensive

2/26/2019 by Michael

The leather is not soft and don't feel like real leather, it will fall apart after few months of use, it is too much money for this wallet, the inside will krack after few months.


Think About It

12/16/2016 by Arnold

Think about sitting in a chair or your car. Look at how your pants bunch up between your thigh and your knee. Then imagine a wallet in that front pocket location. Nothing but uncomfortable when sitting. That's why wallets go in the back. However, if you only stand or walk, could work well, just don't sit down. A bit over priced too. Perhaps the only need for this wallet is for security - more difficult for a pickpocket to do their thing in front.


Utterly Disappointing

1/27/2019 by Ralph

The exterior is pleasing. Open it, and you'll think you're staring at a wallet found in a Dollar store. Why The Grommet doesn't provide photos of this interior, I don't understand. The video spends beaucoup time telling us how pleasant the makers are, etc. but reveals nothing.

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The Rogue Industries Story

Curved to Fit

It was doctor’s orders that Rogue Industries Michael Lyons carry his wallet in a front pocket. Turns out, by carrying it in a back pocket Michael was causing his own back aches. The switch up front did the trick, but because most wallets are square or rectangle, they didn’t fit as well as they could. Now along with his son Wells, Michael makes curved wallets to fit easily into front pockets.

The front-pocket and any-pocket card wallets are carefully crafted in Maine with American leather like cow, bison, and even moose to wear well over time. And these are the perfect fit when it comes to
balancing quality, durability, and comfort. Read More Read Less