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Moose Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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Extreme Happiness

12/28/2019 by Barbara

I gave this wallet to my husband for Christmas. He could not be happier!!! I will certainly continue to shop The Grommet in the future!!


High quality

12/28/2019 by Dawne

I choose Moose fro my husband and he loved it. He never knew they even made a front pocket wallet.


Christmas gift

12/25/2019 by Suzy

My husband loved it!


Fits perfectly

11/2/2019 by Craig

This is a high quality product. Leather and craftsmanship are excellent. It really fits in my pocket nicely. I get many comments when I pull it out while making purchases in public places.


Perfect gift for my husband!

11/1/2019 by Randi

On time delivery


Great for theft protection

6/27/2019 by Leslie

Wallet in the front pocket, where you can see if it is being taken out by a pick pocket, is unfortunately necessary these days. Big enough for what is needed, small enough and light weight to be easy to use



6/26/2019 by Stephen

Had my doubts about this but they were gone by the second day of use. So convenient and comfortable I sometime have to check my pocket to be sure it is there. Often a conversation starter as soon as you take it out of your pocket. One of the best gifts to myself that I have ever given me!



6/26/2019 by Lynne

I bought this for my son for Christmas. He wears a lot of athletic shorts so this was a perfect fit. Very nice leather.



6/26/2019 by Rebecca




6/24/2019 by Rachel

My husband always hated carrying a wallet. His cards were getting worn down from rubbing against one another, he kept some cards in one location, while some were kept in another (for reasons only he could explain). I got tired of it, but not him. For Father's Day I ordered this wallet for myself, uh I mean for him. He. Loves. It!! He has talked about how unsure he was when he got it, but quickly appreciated the fine leather, the beautiful craftsmanship and thoughtful design that made it a perfect fit for him. He said hardly feels it in his front pocket, sometimes forgetting it's even there. We are both so pleased!

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The Rogue Industries Story


Michael Lyons began designing men’s front pocket wallets when he couldn’t find the right one for himself. Now along with his son Wells, he makes curved wallets to fit easily into curved front pockets.

Michael made the switch to the front pocket to make his back feel better. A trip to the doctor left him with a prescription to stop storing his wallet in his back pocket. It might sound like an odd diagnosis, but it proved true for Michael. And since most of the wallets he found were square or rectangular, they didn’t fit as well as they could—which spurred him to create Rogue Industries.

Front Pocket Wallets are made in Maine from leather, like cow, bison, or even moose, and can comfortably carry cards and cash. And there’s added RFID protection, too. It’s safer—and can be healthier—to carry your wallet in a front pocket, and these ones are the perfect fit. Read More Read Less