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Travel Roll-up Bag

Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good idea

8/12/2015 by Davis

I love the idea of the rollup bag. The rollup keeps clothes In good shape. It is compact. And it's fun.

I give it only three stars because it is limited to a two day trip. I find the limiting factor is where do I put my current toiletry kit? It doesn't fit the shape of the roll.


longer closure straps would be helpful

1/13/2017 by Pat

this worked well for one day of clothing but the strap wasn't long enough to close the bag when I had two days' worth in it.
I'd like an extension to make the closing straps longer so it would work. I ended up putting the bag into a garbage bag so I could carry it.



12/3/2015 by Jim

Returned for credit! Too small (width) for man
Pls verify return rec'd



10/30/2015 by Frank

With even a modest amount of belongings, I found the bag actually unrolls from the middle even with the straps are secured tightly .


Just OK

9/21/2015 by Larry

In the pictures notice that items are rolled vertically, forcing rolls against the grain of an already rolled item. By adding a couple of extra inches to the width, shirts and T's would be rolled exactly as packed in a suitcase reducing wrinkles. Three extra inches in the width would allow shirts to be packed next to each other and not crosswise. Great concept but not a great implementation for travel.


I didn't find it useful.

8/24/2015 by Jane C

I returned it because it barely held anything and the openings to the sections were constricted, making it hard to insert garments.


Doesn't roll well

8/17/2015 by Iwen

If you have to pack sneakers and/or toiletries, this will not roll well. Also, the clasps don't extend enough. I packed three days worth of clothes, my running shoes, and toiletries the first try. Didn't work. Had to remove the sneakers and toiletries and pack them in my boyfriends duffle bag. After removing those, I tried rolling the Rolo, but the length of the secures didn't quite reach. Mind you, it's the middle of summer, so i packed tank tops, underwear, and shorts. Its not like i jammed it with excess clothes.
I think this is very useful for an add-on to luggage. But as luggage itself, not great.


My husband was pleased!

1/4/2019 by Beverly

Gave it to my husband for Christmas. He has to make numerous overnight trips and I thought this might be a handy thing for him to have. He was delighted! He's difficult to please so this was a happy moment for me. He has yet to use it, but he will very soon. I hope he'll still be pleased with it.


Fundamentally disappointed with the product and its execution

9/27/2017 by Tom

I expected that the product would have some general you suggestions with it instead of absolutely nothing except reference to the pictures online. The product is subject to "unwinding" (telescoping) when the over the shoulder strap is used (over the shoulder!) as I walked around the airport concourse, the bag unrolled displaying my laundry all over the airport


Great idea, poor inplementation

9/7/2015 by Larry

Folded and rolled shirts are about 10" wide, folded and rolled T's are 9-10". The zippers are 15" and 6 3/4 inches. Rolled shirts can only be loaded vertically and when the Bag is rolled it rolls across the vertical rolls. If the bag were 18-19" wide and the zippers adjusted it would be perfect. Forget about carrying shoes or sandals.

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The Rolo Story

Rolo - Roll-up Travel Bag

Your suitcase just shrunk.

Rolo is a lot of things: compression bag, suitcase, wardrobe, organizer… but most of all, it’s a brand new way of packing.

This clever invention maximizes space with four mesh compartments—two large and two small—that hold up to four days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. Simply put your stuff into Rolo’s compartments, roll it up, buckle it, and you’re on your way.

Made with strong fabric, brand name YKK zippers, military grade mesh, and patented side-release buckles, Rolo is built to last. It comes with a convenient shoulder strap that’s perfect for hiking, camping, or backpacking and even
short trips. (Heck, you may not even need a suitcase.)

When you arrive, simply unroll it and hang it up in a closet, on a tree branch, or wherever. It’s easy to see—and access—what’s in each pocket. There’s no need to unpack.

The idea for Rolo came to Founders Benjamin Taller and Cheryl Mascari while backpacking through Europe. Unpacking and packing their bag constantly was a pain. They thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to simply roll all our stuff together?”

That epiphany became Rolo. Carry less, travel smarter, and enjoy yourself more when you’re away.
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