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Great for evening walks!

3/14/2018 by Karen

I bought these gloves so that I wouldn't have to carry a flashlight when I'm walking my dog in the evening. They work great, give plenty of light on the road while I'm managing the dog, they also fit over another pair of gloves in colder weather. A wonderful product!


Perfect for night time dog walking!

12/31/2017 by Mary

As another review mentions they do not provide warm;however I like this as they will not be hot during summer months. I have been able to wear gloves underneath, tho Iwish I had consider that sooner and bought a size up. Still comfortable but more wiggle room would be an added bonus. What I like, are that the lights are very bright. They Conveniently brighten, turn off and dim. I also really like there is a small pocket for a key which will be especially helpful in summertime when I have fewer pockets! All around great design and well made!


Love them

12/9/2017 by Chris

They work exactly as I hoped. Walking the dog in the early morning is great with these. I have them over another pair of gloves for the winter.


Also great for walking

11/7/2017 by Margaret

I got these to use on my long walks with the dog. This time of year it is dark for either the morning or afternoon walk. The gloves are comfortable and add some (but not too much) warmth. the light is very bright. I like having two - the one on my leash-holding hand one shines down on the dog, the other I can direct to see my path or be sure traffic from either direction is aware of my position. The more visible I am, the better. I always wanted more lights, but waited until they were available in rechargeable format.


So far so good

10/11/2017 by Mary

The size small fit me pretty well. Lights are now charged up and ready to go. It's not quite dark enough to need lights while dog walking. But here in the Seattle area we know that 4pm darkness is on its way.


Running glove Lites

12/30/2018 by CARRIE

I love these gloves, a great solution for off-hours walking or running and hands free. My only negative is that they run a bit small and I had to exchange them,


Good, Not Great

3/5/2018 by Neil

The gloves function as stated, but the positioning of the lights in the gloves does not cast the light in the best place. So, useful, but not perfect.



1/2/2018 by Paul

My wife purchased two pair of these Rechargeable Lighted Gloves for Christmas to wear while walking our dogs at night. I was pretty skeptical, they seemed awfully "gimmicky" when she described them to me. Having used them for a week, I am sold. The gloves are comfortable and they provide far more light than the leash mounted flashlights we have. I am impressed - they are well designed and very functional. My only complaint? Cold weather... the exposed fingertips on the gloves make for great dexterity but cold hands. It is possible to wear glove liners underneath, but a better solution would be to offer full finger gloves as on option. Regardless, these gloves are fabulous!


Gloves not warm enough

1/3/2018 by Beth

Both my adult children that are competitive runnings , hikers and bikers thought this item would be useless. For hiking a cap with light would be best. Above all they wanted to use it in cold weather and needed very warm gloves and these would be useless in the cold which is when the days are the darkest.
Might be ok to walk your dog on cool evenings in the spring or fall.
It was immediately sent back.


ok but

2/13/2019 by Savvy

Experienced cyclist did not dig it

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The MangataLites Story

See and be seen—thanks to gloves.

LED Gloves

Mary Tiffin needed night running lights because she was jogging after her kids were in bed. When she couldn’t find lights that suited her, Mary invented RunLites (now MangataLites) fingerless gloves and Hand-Slings.

Her designs are low-profile, breathable, and lightweight, with a rechargeable LED light tucked into a pocket on each hand. The lights illuminate an ultra-bright, 135-degree arc up to 30 feet ahead of you. And on a single charge, each light can shine for 48 hours of use.

We tried the gloves while running and biking, and were impressed with their comfort and brightness, which helped
us see—and be seen—better. We think the gloves are a smart addition for anyone out and about in low light, like early morning dog walkers or post-bedtime runners like Mary. Read More Read Less