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Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer Case of 12

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Pill box

11/29/2019 by Robert

Classy design that stores a large amount of pills. The item appears to be well constructed. I like the pill box, especially when I compare it to the few plastic and poorly constructed pill boxes I purchased in the past.


Love this

11/19/2019 by Kay

When I travel, I only have to take the days I'm going to be away!


He loves it!

11/2/2019 by Holly

My husband has been pretty ticked off since being diagnosed with a heart condition requiring multiple medications. This has made all the difference in his feelings about taking them. It’s low-tech AND modern at the same time. The ability to bring JUST a day’s medication when he’s out is much More convenient than having to plan out what he can put them in for travel. The magnetic base is a true chance of someone accidentally bumping it and causing several to drop to the floor, everything stays put!


An Excellent Organizer

11/2/2019 by JEAN

My first concern was the compartment size, but this organizer easily holds the large number of medications and supplements I take daily; even the three large capsules. The silicone lids are sturdy and supple enough to easily get the pills—large and small—in the compartments. I’ve used this organizer long enough to feel assured the slits in the lids will not tear; and the creases in those lids that separate one side from the other, are still strong. I’m very happy with this organizer and I can now throw away all the others in my cabinets and drawers.


Easy to use

11/1/2019 by Valerie

I like being able to put all the pills on the top to make sure the pills are correct before putting them in the box



10/29/2019 by Judith

very convenient. easy to use. big enough containers for all my pills. No accidental spill.


Absolutely awesome!

8/27/2019 by Amber

I have been an RN for 40 years and meditation storeage has been a problem for the majority of my elderly patients. Always too many meds or tops won’t stay closed and meds fall out and are not taken. This solves all problems, just wishing it was a bit less expensive so I could provide for some of my patients.


Manageable Pill Sorter

8/25/2019 by Linda

With medications and supplements galore in a variety of sizes, the sorting and storing my weekly allotment always resulted with pills on the table, the floor, and wasting a lot of time on this weekly chore. Have only had this organizer for a week but looking forward to getting meds sorted tomorrow. It's a breeze. Crazy to think such a clever idea could save so much time. Really. Love it.



8/16/2019 by Mona

Since I take many pills, it's very convenient to just have to set them out only once/week. Lesser models available at drug stores don't have enough room for all my pills.There is plenty of room in these compartments for all I need to take, and the fact that they are clear allows me to make sure I've included every pill. This is a well thought out product and I only wish they'd invented it sooner!


Pure genius

8/5/2019 by Joan

Love this organizer. I take a handful of medicine and vitamins daily and also have arthritis in my hands. This organizer with it's push through lids make sorting so much easier. Extra roomy so both medicines and vitamins fit without crushing them. Plus if you are gone for the day, you can just pop off the day you need and place in your purse/car so you are sure to take what you need at the correct time. Thank you for this product, it has made a mundane task much easier.

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The Sagely Story

Sagely | Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

Push & Prep

Sagely pill organizer was invented by Ellie Glazer and Ivor Miskulin, a husband-and-wife team who sought the perfect pill box for Ivor’s grandfather’s medication. The duo spent three years designing their ideal solution.

Easy to set up—and just as easy to use—this organizer has flexibility built into every detail. The modular system is made up of seven roomy and clear pods that fit into a magnetic base. Pop out what you need for daily use or travel. Flexible lids make it a snap to fill a pod—just push pills through the lid—and a two-toned color scheme differentiates day use from night. Pair
with the free reminder app to make keeping track of medication as stress-free as can be. Read More Read Less