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5/5/2020 by Cassie

Got these brownies to try and they were amazing. So fudgy and tasty. Went to their site and ordered more.



7/26/2018 by Debora

Truly great tasting brownies. I've ordered the brownies a couple times now and plan to again in the near future.


Delish Brownies!!

2/29/2016 by Gerald

got these for my girlfriend and she fell in love with me all over again! exceptional brownies that i will reorder and highly recommend.


salt of the earth baked goods.

10/21/2015 by anita

Definitely an adult only treat. The different salts of the earth are paired with delicious and mind numbing brownies and cookies. After one bite I had decided I must be on a mail order with this company immediately. Definitely can be paired with A mellow red.



7/22/2015 by JoAnn

2nd time to order.....delicious


Wow...just wow!

6/13/2015 by Shane

I ordered these because I have always been drawn to the salty/sweet thing. I was concerned over the shipping though. I'm thinking that I order brownies and then it takes 5 days to get fresh will they be? Don't worry about it...they are packed perfectly and very fresh. These brownies are amazing. Don' hesitate...order them, you won't be disappointed.


Fresh and super richly delicious

5/18/2015 by Mike

I was impressed with how fresh these brownies were when they arrived, had they sat in the mailbox longer and were warmed by the sun, I would have thought they came right out of the oven. They were moist & chewy, perfect for my sweet tooth. The shipping makes them to expensive to order in small quantities, but, for a party of for gifts, order a lot, to bring the overall cost/brownie down. It's good these aren't available locally or with free shipping, it would be bad for my waistline. It's hard to say which was my favorite, as I tried all 3. Maybe my least favorite was the regular "The Brownie", because the other two were just so incredible, I couldn't pick just one as the best. These would be amazing with a high quality vanilla bean ice cream too.


Delighted! Very Delicious!

5/17/2015 by linda

Super fast shipping- wrapped well - great for gift!
The original brownie is soft and has a fudgy taste- that was my favorite .
The other brownie had a hint of expression flavor - again delicious.
The third type named the omgcb was a chocolate brownie with caramel. Although a nice brownie it was just too sweet for my taste. I am rating it five stars as they are all tasty and perfect for the brownie lover.



5/12/2015 by diane

totally awesome - I didn't think there was anything better than your cookies, but I was soooooo wrong - love them brownies! Will certainly order again and again!



5/8/2015 by Maryann

So yummy.

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The Salt of the Earth Bakery Story

Salt of the Earth Bakery - Artisanal Baked Goods

Salty Sweet

Take tastebuds on a decadent adventure with killer cookies and brownies from Salt of the Earth Bakery. This Brooklyn-based bakery ups the ante with sea salts from around the world. The salts are specially chosen to intensify the flavors of each particular treat.

These beautifully boxed sets are a triple threat. In the cookie collection, “The Cookie” is the centerpiece—rich chocolate chips in buttery batter with flaky Maldon sea salt. A three-chocolate cookie and an oatmeal with plump raisins round out the trio. The brownie set boasts triple chocolate, espresso-infused, and one with luscious
ribbons of handcrafted caramel.

Founders Alexandra and Haskel Rabbani are married with three kids (their “taste testing team”). Alexandra always liked to cook, but she found her stride when Haskel was preparing for the bar exam. She started concocting out-of-this-world goodies to fuel his 17-hour study sessions.

“The Cookie” was a home run with Haskel and all their friends. They dared her to take it to the local market, and the buyer placed an order right away. The rest is Salt of the Earth Bakery history. With three kinds of treats in presentation-ready packaging, it’s an experience whether you give them away or keep them to yourself.
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