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Drink that first glass before expecting it to work properly!

8/1/2015 by Kirsten

Brilliant idea but.... In order for it to work properly you need to be sure to drink a full glass before sealing it up for the first time. That is, while the decanter can hold a full bottle, it is not tall enough to provide enough "air" space above the floater to ensure the promised functional seal, until you have poured that first glass.


Purchased for my husband...

3/30/2015 by Susan a birthday gift. Very satisfied.


love it

3/26/2015 by bob

it allows me to save 3 additional days of wine in my fridge without going bad.


so far so good

12/20/2014 by Christine

I usually have a glass of wine or two on the weekend but not during the work week. So when I used the Savino to store the rest of the bottle from last weekend and had a glass last evening, the wine was still fresh. I've bought a few as gifts for my sisters and friends, so hopefully they'll agree that it does the job!


Almost Excellent

11/28/2014 by Kobi

This is beautiful, almost excellent. By almost I mean you have to be careful with the inner part, when you pour the wine, you may cause it to fall altogether.

This piece is beautifully designed, preserves the wine very good and lets it sit there for two days (haven't tried it for longer) with no harm


I liked it till it broke.

4/22/2018 by Jennifer

This product was great until one day I was cleaning it and the middle section broke off from the caraffe section. Now it's just unusable:(


OK, but not wonderful

3/25/2015 by Tom

I'm pretty happy with this product. My wife and I often have a single glass of wine, and the remainder waits until another day. This is a pretty simple way to keep most of the air away from your wine.

This does NOT hold a full bottle of wine. I had hoped I would be able to decant a complete bottle, but this carafe is at least one glass short.

Also, it drips. I have to wipe up a couple of drops of wine every time I pour a glass.


Looks nice.

3/13/2015 by Lydia

Looks nice, but kept my red wine for two days only. Somewhat disappointed.



12/2/2014 by Molly

Maybe it is just me being a little o lady but I am not very impressed. The Wine taste is not as good as leaving wine in bottle and placing a good cork in it. Will continue to see if this changes but kinda expensive and sad to change good bottle of chardonnay. The process seems so easy but I have made this type of mistake before.


I would not purchase again.

10/18/2014 by sandy

Could not get 750 ml in carafe with the top on. I thought the top would be tight enough to avoid spillage. It is not.

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The Savino Story

Savino - Wine Saver Carafe

Preserve & Serve

Let’s all raise our glass to Scott Tavenner, Founder of Savino, who finds ingenious ways to serve and preserve your favorite drinks.

His quest started with wanting to save the rest of an opened bottle of wine. After 15 years of research (that’s dedication), he developed the Savino Wine Carafe. This elegant glass cruet not only serves wine but keeps it exceptionally fresh, night after night, for up to a week after opening. A snuggly fitted floating seal protects the wine from oxidation, while a screw top prevents spillage.

Scott didn’t stop there, though. He went on to shake up cocktail making
with Shaker 33, which he calls “The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition.” The locking lid keeps your drink inside—secure enough to shake with one hand. When you’re ready to serve, the lid easily unlocks and you can adjust for larger holes to pour faster or smaller holes for better straining.

To Scott and his dedication to lifting spirits we say, “Cheers!"
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