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Great product!

8/23/2017 by Gae

Having received one previously and loving it, we bought 2 to give as gifts. It looks great and keeps wine very well.. would recommend it highly.


Great addition to wine gadgets

8/16/2017 by Sharon

My husband was suspicious to begin with. Two bottles later, I think he's convinced it really works. Plus it's a great conversation piece.


Taste and Style in One Carafe

6/10/2017 by Mary

My husband and I enjoy wine and always have some chilling in the wine fridge. We thought we were keeping them well by using those rubber stoppers or reusing the cork. But after trying the Savino Carafe we have noticed how much better our wine tastes after a day or two.

And what a beautiful simple design. We love showing it off when we have friends over. While we would have loved having the glass carafe, we are very happy with the plastic one. It's high-quality plastic and we don't have to worry about it falling on the tile floors.

We will probably be purchasing more at this great price as presents for upcoming occasions. Especially for those hard-to-buy for people on our list.


My wife loved it!

6/6/2017 by Tom

Thanks for a quality wine carafe that is extremely practical. Works well and we greatly appreciate the ability to preserve an open bottle of wine.


Easy to Use and Clean; Seems to Work

5/23/2017 by Ronald

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this carafe has a very functional and attractive look. Practically speaking it is also very easy to use: the cover is easy to remove and replace; wine is easy to pour; and the carafe is easy to wash and clean. I kept a red wine in the carafe for about a week, and the wine did seem to keep quite well without becoming oxidized. So the carafe does seem to do what it claims, although I do not yet have enough experience with it to say that with certainty.

The plastic carafe at $25 is a good buy, especially because there is little fear of breakage. The glass carafe at double the price is still worth it if you take good care of it, as it will look classier and resist scratching.


Great item

5/21/2017 by Barbara

I found the carafe very easy to use and it pours easily. Wine retained flavor and body well Into 5 days. I had to leave some wine in the carafe when i left for vacation. I ll see what the wine is like when I get back.


Love it!!

5/18/2017 by Teri

Love it. Wish the glass carafe was a bit less expensive. Easy to use!


The perfect gift

2/23/2017 by Catherine

We have many close friends that love wine, and this has proven to be the perfect gift for them. They loved the Carafe!


I love the ease of use and the look. And it's not glass!

2/23/2017 by Connie

Very attractive container. It's easy to use and aerated the wine well, while keeping it fresh if not all used.


A Way to keep wine fresh!

2/22/2017 by Debra

We have really enjoyed our Carafe.

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The Savino Story

Savino - Wine Saver Carafe

Preserve & Serve

Let’s all raise our glass to Scott Tavenner, Founder of Savino, who finds ingenious ways to serve and preserve your favorite drinks.

His quest started with wanting to save the rest of an opened bottle of wine. After 15 years of research (that’s dedication), he developed the Savino Wine Carafe. This elegant glass cruet not only serves wine but keeps it exceptionally fresh, night after night, for up to a week after opening. A snuggly fitted floating seal protects the wine from oxidation, while a screw top prevents spillage.

Scott didn’t stop there, though. He went on to shake up cocktail making
with Shaker 33, which he calls “The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition.” The locking lid keeps your drink inside—secure enough to shake with one hand. When you’re ready to serve, the lid easily unlocks and you can adjust for larger holes to pour faster or smaller holes for better straining.

To Scott and his dedication to lifting spirits we say, “Cheers!"
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