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16 oz Natural Screen Cleaning Kit Case of 25

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Great Product

1/9/2020 by Randy

The Natural Screen Cleaner works great on all my screens (I-pad, I-phone)
Would buy again!


Great cleaner!

12/26/2019 by Teresa

Works excellent on all my electronics. Even cleans my glasses! Would purchase again.


Great Product

10/8/2019 by Stephanie

I had thought that all screen cleaners were the same, but I purchased the Natural Screen Cleaner because I liked that it was plant-based and the reviews were excellent. The product did not disappoint. My screens are spotless and they seem to retard fingerprints and smudges longer than with other screen cleaning products.


screen cleaner

9/23/2019 by JOYCE

I love it. Bought one for me and 2 more for my nieces that do things for me.



9/16/2019 by Lindsey

This works wonderfully! My computer screen has never been so clean and my tv also! I use it on everything with a screen, cell phone, clock, radio and cd player. The best!
Thanks Screen Mom!!!!


Best I've found

8/23/2019 by Renee

This screen cleaner works better than anything I've found. No streaks and it takes very little to wipe it clean.


Hassle Free

7/16/2019 by Ronald

I have tried so many alleged screen cleaners and every time you move to a different angle you see smudges.
This product cleans my TV, Smart phone,Watch,and Computer with one squirt and everything is crystal clear.


Wow !

7/14/2019 by Lindsey

I bought 2 bottles. I tried one on every screen I have in this house ,even my phone. Wow ! Incredibly clean and incredibly easy to use!! I had to remind myself to spray the cleaning towel not the screen...the towel comes with it too.
When my grand-daughter came over I demonstrated on the comp monitor and she was amazed also! Guess who I gave the 2nd bottle to! Yep, her. So good and so easy to use.. I am impressed!!!


Loving it.

7/1/2019 by Ruthann

Loving the cleaner. Bought an extra bottle for my office at work.


Screen Mom

7/1/2019 by Anne

This stuff works great. I cleaned all electronics with it. Good stuff to have around your house.

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The Screen Mom Story

Screen Mom | Natural Screen Cleaner

Clean Screens

Amanda is the real mom behind Screen Mom, the natural cleaner for things like TVs, tablets, phones, laptops, and even glasses. Amanda has five kids, so that added up to lots of fingerprints and smudges on the electronics in her home. The typical cleaners she tried tended to have negative results, like leaving streaks or giving her a headache.

This DIY mom enlisted her engineer husband to help create a plant-based formula to do the grime-removing job on screens in a kid- and pet-friendlier way. There’s no odor and there also isn’t any ammonia, alcohol, or phosphates in it, either. This more
natural approach to cleaning up is one we appreciated when we tried it out and we especially liked that while the cleaner removed dust and dirt from our devices, it didn’t leave any streaks in its wake. Read More Read Less