Rinse-Free Pet Bath Mittens - 5-Pack

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10/5/2019 by barbara

This is exactly what I was looking for. We adopted a lab mix from a rescue organization. Lucy was badly treated and was left with severe emotional fears. She is a loving and gentle dog but is so afraid of outside people noise or strangers. I always thought how we would ever get her to a groomer, then I saw these. They work beautifully and Lucy doesn’t mind it one bit. I strongly suggest these. Sorry for the length but it is necessary to tell my experience with this product. By the way, the vet clips her nails. She loves him.


Work great

8/2/2019 by Patricia

It's hard to get my dog to take a bath so these are a great alternative.


So convenient!

7/30/2019 by Kris

Giving our dog a bath has never been something to look forward to, but the Bath Mitten makes it so easy and less time consuming. I used one the first time last week and was happy with the results. I had been concerned about skin reaction, but there was none. Less stress, less mess, less time, what could be better?



7/14/2019 by Mona

My Shar-Pei mix is deathly afraid of water. This product is wonderful and she loves it too!


Quick & Easy Dog Bath!

7/12/2019 by Nelson

I love Scrubby! I am what most would call elderly and with a bad back and aging knees, bathing the dogs was always a chore but no longer! Scrubby works like a charm and I can bathe both dogs in 30 minutes. I have big dogs so it usually takes two mittens but I sure don't mind.



5/20/2019 by Lenore

quick and easy way to clean mt dog


Easy Bath!

5/7/2019 by Thomas

These are fabulous. I have two medium-sized dogs so I only get one use out of each mitten, but they leave the dogs clean and nice. I have already ordered more!


you must buy

5/2/2019 by Cathie

My English lab pup had all four paws covered in mud. These mittens worked like a charm! I put a little water on it and the suds appeared. I wiped her paws and the mud quickly disappeared. Just dried off with a towel and she was good to go. I will definitely be buying again.


Quick & Easy "Bath"

4/30/2019 by Samantha

I used this on my dog, Charlie, who hates taking baths. She didn't seem to mind me cleaning her with these mittens. I think she especially loved when I just toweled her off instead of her having to rinse. And the mittens are reusable! I'll be able to use them over and over again. Perfect for a quick paw clean or quick bath that doesn't have to be in the tub.


Pet Bath Mittens

4/30/2019 by Diana

These are terrific. They work very well and are so easy to use.
Love them!!!

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The Scrubby Story

Scrubby | Rinse-Free Pet Bath Mittens

Easier Pet Baths

Scrubby pet bath mittens come from folks used to creating goods for humans. But Zevi Wolmark and his team thought, why not try to make bathing a dog easier and less stressful? They eliminated the tub—and the running water—to make a simple but smart way to clean up dirty pets.

The pre-soaped mittens are made with a gentle formula that is hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and fragrance free. Add water to get a mitt to suds up, but not to rinse your pet—there’s no rinsing or soapy residue here. Just a cleaned-up pet.

Use the mittens to give an animal a head-to-toe clean or reuse them for touch-up
jobs. We think they make a great addition to the trunk or mud room to give dirty, sandy, or snowy paws a quick once-over. Read More Read Less