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Fantastic for square foot planters

12/26/2019 by Felicia

I can hardly wait for Spring to start planting. No more unsightly bare spots. No more guessing, just press plant and move on.


You need this if you garden

6/26/2019 by Jo

So simple so fast so amazing!!



3/26/2019 by Theresa

I have been cobbling together some version of this for years, but this is so much more practical than anything I've made. The color-coded system and the fact that you actually press it into the ground to define your square make it very practical. The light weight makes it easy for someone who has chronic pain to easily take it along while gardening. The only thing I would change would be to perhaps add a snug way to attach the funnel and seed depth marker. Right now, they kind of rattle loosely in the spots and I am bound to lose one. Maybe velcro for that, but this is still worth every penny. Thanks!


Awesome for gardeners that don't have space

1/19/2017 by Hoku

This is definitely what I needed to help me with my square foot gardening. Awesome product, good quality.


Awesome tool for gardening

1/2/2017 by Hokulani

This is exactly what I needed to take the guess work out of square foot gardening! I won't be making mistakes now that I have this.



12/21/2016 by Carole

Great help with the gardening experience for the grandkids.


Awesome product to help us make the most of our small garden

8/10/2016 by Charles

We have a small 4' x 9' raised bed garden. The seeding square will allow us to plant the harvest the most we can from our small space. My family and I are looking forward to planning our garden space this fall and in the gardening years to come.


LOVE this product

7/20/2016 by Angela

I have been "Square Foot" gardening for years. I saw this product and had to have it. It is great and will make the planting so much easier. Can't wait to use it next spring. My sister is new to gardening and I am sending her one too.
Great product!


Great for little hands

6/20/2016 by Debora

I got this so that my grandkids can help in the garden. Works beautifully and makes it easy for little hand to plant neat rows.


Great item

6/5/2016 by Samantha

I really like the seeding square. I am new to gardening and this tool has helped me start my garden with out having to guess at spacing. the only thing that would make it better is if the guide sheet could be laminated.

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The Seeding Square Story

Seeding Square - Planting Tool

Room to Grow

Never planted a garden but want to eat food you grow yourself? That’s the position Seeding Square Founder Jennifer Pratt and her husband, Karl, were in.

Confused over what vegetables to plant where and how much space to leave in between, Jennifer had the idea for Seeding Square. It’s a foolproof system that guides you through each gardening step—follow the color-coded template to plant a well-organized square-foot grid.

Simply choose the seeds you want to grow and find their corresponding color holes, so your seeds will be perfectly spaced. A pre-marked depth wand helps you plant at precisely
the right depth, too. A seeding spoon and funnel let you easily drop the seeds into the soil.

Your plants will grow in a pleasing grid formation, which also makes weeds easy to spot. And because Seeding Square optimizes every inch of space, you could get double or triple the bounty. This simple system is great for urban gardeners with limited space, gardening with kids, or any first-time gardeners who need a little help.
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