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Seeding Square

Planting Tool Case of 10

Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great for square foot gardeners

11/16/2015 by Jeffrey

This is fantastic for beginners or advanced square foot gardeners. Keeps all the plantings even and allows for the proper number of plants to always be grown. Lets you use space optimally.


Life made easier...

8/19/2015 by Rebecca

Just started using raised garden beds, and this has made planning and planting so much easier and quicker. I am hoping that my garden will look as pretty and organized as the ones in the pictures....and with this planting guide i feel like I have a head start.


New Toy

7/29/2015 by Karen

I bought this for my Son-in-law who knows nothing about gardens but started one this year. He was having his birthday party and stopped everything to open and read directions. I think next years garden is going to go much smother and this will let the kids join in to help plant. I think it will be used a lot starting next year.


Fantastic Tool

7/19/2015 by Jack

I have been using square foot gardening ever since the early 70's. This little square is so simple to use I can't believe how easy it was to plant my okra in my 4x4 raised bed.

Everyone should add this tool to their garden tools. What a timesaver it is. BUY ONE!!!


Great Help

6/29/2015 by Christine F.

Seems very sturdy and clear to use. Marvelous system for the new gardener or gardeners with limited space. Can't wait for next spring!


A very useful gardening tool!

6/27/2015 by Caryn

I love this little gadget! As a confirmed square foot gardener, I was so pleased to try this.

Bought it a little late, as my garden was already mostly planted. Used it for the last 3 squares of chard, and they look so orderly compared with my previous plantings!

Instructions are clear, and the chart is worth laminating. So glad I bought this little item. Have never seen anything like it before. Just such a great gardening tool!


for collapsing brains ...

6/23/2015 by Lynn

I LOVE this!! I don't have to think!! Works like a charm.


Works Great!

6/21/2015 by Jack

As a square foot gardener, I had made a similar item out of plywood and drilled holes. This planting square and it's small tools works great and makes seeding your beds fast and easy. Well worth the money.



6/21/2015 by Leon

A remarkably simple and effective tool for planting. If you are a fan of Square Foot Gardening, you know Mel B. would approve. We use it in our raised beds. Highly recommended. By the way, we laminated the seed guide.


Right on target

6/19/2015 by Bill

As a square foot gardener since forever, what a perfect way to get squared up in the garden. Fast, efficient, damn clever. It's the better mousetrap when you weren't looking for one!

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The Seeding Square Story

Seeding Square - Planting Tool

Room to Grow

Never planted a garden but want to eat food you grow yourself? That’s the position Seeding Square Founder Jennifer Pratt and her husband, Karl, were in.

Confused over what vegetables to plant where and how much space to leave in between, Jennifer had the idea for Seeding Square. It’s a foolproof system that guides you through each gardening step—follow the color-coded template to plant a well-organized square-foot grid.

Simply choose the seeds you want to grow and find their corresponding color holes, so your seeds will be perfectly spaced. A pre-marked depth wand helps you plant at precisely
the right depth, too. A seeding spoon and funnel let you easily drop the seeds into the soil.

Your plants will grow in a pleasing grid formation, which also makes weeds easy to spot. And because Seeding Square optimizes every inch of space, you could get double or triple the bounty. This simple system is great for urban gardeners with limited space, gardening with kids, or any first-time gardeners who need a little help.
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