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was it superior?

4/2/2015 by penelope

the tweezers were a disappointment. Although they are comfortable in the hand the actual accuracy was poor. I have gone back to my generic walmart tweezers.


Seki Edge Smart Tweeze

12/20/2014 by Gail

These tweezers are ok...but not as fine as other ones I already have...and sorry to say that I don't find them superior as I had hoped from the description.



12/7/2014 by peggy

Not what I expected, too costly, doesn't work any better than dimestore.


not great

12/1/2014 by peggy

I was so excited to receive the tweezers and I love the coil to keep it from being so hard to use, however, they don't tweeze any better than the cheap ones. If that is what you expect, you will be unhappy. I won't buy again or advise anyone else to.


Could be designed better

11/24/2014 by Rashmi

These tweezers are different from the original tweezers. I like the fact that it makes the clamping less strenuous than the original tweezers since it contains spring. With the original tweezers after a while, my hands get tired...with these I definitely notice the difference. Only thing I do not like here is that it advertises that its tips always come together flat for precise, efficient tweezing but because of the spring the tips moves in horizontal direction as well not just back and forth. This means when the tips come together, one of the tip can move sideways not aligning fully on top of other tip. This makes it harder to grab onto the hair you are trying to pull out. This alone made the product not as worthwhile as it could have been. I might as well use the regular tweezers since using this one although is less strenuous I find myself spending way too long to finish up. If the tips can be designed to come together flat and aligned all the time this would be a great product.


Lacking Precsion

11/24/2014 by Kelli

Nice and light weight but the tweeze action is uneven. I have to rotate my thumb to get them to close together consistently.



11/19/2014 by Nora

Disappointed - I see no difference in the tweezing action
with this item, than I do with the one I purchased at a local
department store for less money.


So so, good

8/22/2016 by Carol

Nice weight, feels comfortable, but, that's it. The edges don't stay togather, they slide opposite of each other and never hold on to the hair.
I will keep, just not for tweezing hairs.



7/30/2015 by John

The tips come together very nicely. But the problem I have is there is no gripping power. When I tried to pull out a hair or whisker, the closed tips just slide off.
I own another pair of old diamond tip tweezers from another company. Those old tweezers work far better than these brand new Seki Edge Smart Tweeze. Purchasing these tweezers was a waste of money.


Gripped Poorly

6/13/2015 by Lawrence

I bought these tweezers based on the reviews, but my experience was that they did not grip well and returned them.

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The Seki Edge Story

Seki Edge - Japanese Beauty and Grooming Tools

Look sharp

Superior in both ability and durability, grooming tools from Seki Edge are meticulously made in the Japanese mountains from stainless steel and finished by hand.

Ergonomic design makes using these tools smooth and effortless. The scissors and clippers cut with decisive strokes, while the smart tweezers use a patented spring technology that tweezes precisely with very little pressure.

This same mountain region was renowned for manufacturing the world’s greatest samurai swords for hundreds of years. Seki Edge is proud of that heritage, following the “Bushido” approach—the samurai code of honor
and discipline—in making its products.

The tools from Seki Edge offer timeless craftsmanship that is made to last for a lifetime.
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