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Seki Edge

Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper Case of 6

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Nail clipper

10/21/2017 by phillip

Best nail clipper I have ever experienced!


Great product

9/22/2017 by Jill

These clippers are great - makes it much easier to clip nails cleanly and with less effort than by drugstore purchased pair.



9/19/2017 by Bonnie

Great! Super sharp, clean cut!


Wonderful cutting edge

7/19/2017 by robt

I love my new finger and toenail clippers. They are as sharp as advertised, gently clipping through my tough toenails like a hot knife on a pad of butter. I am very pleased with this purchase



5/6/2017 by sharon

So much sharper and easier to use than the cheap ones by the cash registers in the bowls, or the drugstore brands.



5/3/2017 by Geoffrey

Excellent clippers, best I've owned.



5/3/2017 by Saundra

Real easy to use. Has a very smooth clip and since I have a left hand problem it is really easy to use when clipping my right hand nails! I would say this is the BEST



4/11/2017 by Susan

I have always had two complaints about fingernail clippers: they clip but leave sharp edges; in order to clip the fingernail, one pushes down a narrow and slippery lever—so the lever slips. I have struggled all my life with these faults in design. This seki edge clipper is much improved. It is able to clip slim bits of nail without leaving sharp edges that need to be filed. Then I realize that the smoothness of the seki is slippery—unless I change the way I hold it. Rather than holding it with the clipper parallel to my thumb, I place my thumb perpendicular to the clipper, with the lever touching my thumb right at the first joint so the pad of my thumb prevents the lever from moving out of place. Then, to my embarrassment, as I demonstrate my new skill, my darling husband points out that he uses the same technique with the cheap clippers. Sigh. But he's happy with the new, sharp clipper I bought him. (I bought two for myself: one for use at home, the other for my purse.)



3/2/2017 by Mary Ellen

I love these nail clippers. They are very comfortable to use. Very professional



1/25/2017 by Karen

Clean cutting, precision made. I'm going to get the toenail clipper on my next order

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The Seki Edge Story

Seki Edge - Japanese Beauty and Grooming Tools

Look sharp

Superior in both ability and durability, grooming tools from Seki Edge are meticulously made in the Japanese mountains from stainless steel and finished by hand.

Ergonomic design makes using these tools smooth and effortless. The scissors and clippers cut with decisive strokes, while the smart tweezers use a patented spring technology that tweezes precisely with very little pressure.

This same mountain region was renowned for manufacturing the world’s greatest samurai swords for hundreds of years. Seki Edge is proud of that heritage, following the “Bushido” approach—the samurai code of honor
and discipline—in making its products.

The tools from Seki Edge offer timeless craftsmanship that is made to last for a lifetime.
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