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Excellent fingernail clippers

8/19/2015 by Marsha

I use fingernail clippers daily. The drugstore brand and other beauty supply store brands are just not sharp enough to make a clean cut. These Seki Edge clippers make a complete and professional-looking cut. Although they are more expensive, I have probably spent three or four times that amount over the years buying inferior clippers. These are well worth the money and do a great job.


exceeded expectation

8/5/2015 by Nora

This is an amazingly efficient clipper - first got one for my
husband, then had to have one for myself !!
He lost his while away, & we replaced it asap.
This item is well worth the cost -no more peeling torn nails.



7/9/2015 by Elissa

These are the best clippers that I have ever used.


Precsion Clipper

7/2/2015 by Douglas

By far the best!



6/18/2015 by Martin

Everything they claim & more


Terrific Nail Clipper - Best I've ever used

6/13/2015 by Lawrence

This is the best Nail Clipper I have ever used. Razor sharp and cuts cleanly and easily.


damned fine

6/12/2015 by randy

At first i thought it was silly, spending that much money for nail clippers, but i've purchased a few things from the grommet, and was pleased,so i decided to give it a shot, glad i did, these things are awesome !! they cut so easy, and they feel good in your hand. i recomend them.


Superior Function

6/12/2015 by Yvette

This really works! This is seriously the best nail clipper you will ever buy.


Yea, it works

5/20/2015 by carolyn

Finally a nail clipper that actually has a sharp cutting edge that seems to be staying sharp and does cut. The only thing I would add would be a attached nail cleaner. It is more expensive than the drug store variety but worth it!



5/12/2015 by Reg

Finally, finally, finally! After a drawer full of fingernail clippers I finally got the gem! It's not just sharp, it's dangerously sharp. Once you apply that pressure, it cuts whatever is in it's way, so be careful, but it sure does work with ease. No more strain or pain (unless you're not careful, lol)
I don't find the grip as great as others have stated, but that's minor.
I never got my nails done so fast in my life. You're missing out if you don't buy this item. Thanks Grommet!

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The Seki Edge Story

Seki Edge - Japanese Beauty and Grooming Tools

Look sharp

Superior in both ability and durability, grooming tools from Seki Edge are meticulously made in the Japanese mountains from stainless steel and finished by hand.

Ergonomic design makes using these tools smooth and effortless. The scissors and clippers cut with decisive strokes, while the smart tweezers use a patented spring technology that tweezes precisely with very little pressure.

This same mountain region was renowned for manufacturing the world’s greatest samurai swords for hundreds of years. Seki Edge is proud of that heritage, following the “Bushido” approach—the samurai code of honor
and discipline—in making its products.

The tools from Seki Edge offer timeless craftsmanship that is made to last for a lifetime.
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