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Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper Case of 6

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Sharp as a tack!

1/1/2015 by nancy

One must be stone cold sober when using this clipper. It is the sharpest I have ever experienced. I would recommend this to any and every one!


Grip 'n Clip

12/17/2014 by Audi

Have to say that these clippers are really great! Extremely well made and easier to hold. I will be getting the Toenail clippers soon!!


Great precision tool!

12/17/2014 by George

Owned many clippers but never one so well made and precise. Expect many good years of service from this great instrument....


Great clipper

12/7/2014 by Donna

Great clipper! Cuts cleanly and easily.



12/2/2014 by Paul

The quality surpasses what you can gain from the pictures. The weight, size, and details are extremely well crafted.


Exactly what I was looking for

12/1/2014 by Debra

These clippers are fantastic. I have been looking for a long time for clippers that cut cleanly and easily and these do exactly that. I highly recommend them.


Great clipper

12/1/2014 by Crystal

Forget spending lots of money with all the fingernail clippers you can find - I did! NOTHING compares to these. I highly recommend them!



12/1/2014 by Mike

Wow! By far, the best clippers I've ever used. For years, I've looked for fingernail clippers that don't use the slickest and most difficult gripping surface on the planet! Finally someone has designed these to actually hold on to while using. Really would like a pouch to hold all the pieces though. I know that other retailers that sell similar products (although not as user friendly) have pouches for their grooming tools. This would help keep them together and cleaner.


Best Clippers

11/30/2014 by Leroy

Best and sharpest clippers I have used.


In a word, or two words: THE BEST!

11/29/2014 by Therese

These are even better than I expected! Now we look forward to our necessary "grooming". I'm planning to make a nice felted-wool case to hold all four grooming tools. (Maybe I'll design a case also with "upcycled" denim!)

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The Seki Edge Story

Seki Edge - Japanese Beauty and Grooming Tools

Look sharp

Superior in both ability and durability, grooming tools from Seki Edge are meticulously made in the Japanese mountains from stainless steel and finished by hand.

Ergonomic design makes using these tools smooth and effortless. The scissors and clippers cut with decisive strokes, while the smart tweezers use a patented spring technology that tweezes precisely with very little pressure.

This same mountain region was renowned for manufacturing the world’s greatest samurai swords for hundreds of years. Seki Edge is proud of that heritage, following the “Bushido” approach—the samurai code of honor
and discipline—in making its products.

The tools from Seki Edge offer timeless craftsmanship that is made to last for a lifetime.
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