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Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper Case of 6

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Caution - SHARP

8/6/2018 by JANET

We have been looking for a really sharp toe nail trimmer and boy howdy this is it. My hubby and I both love it. I use it on my fingernails too. My fingers have some arthritis and this cuts through tough toenails like a hot knife through butter. I actually look forward to using it.


Great product

7/25/2018 by Deborah

Best clippers ever


Exceptional quality

6/4/2018 by Russ

I've been buying nail clippers for years and have never owned one of such high quality. It is very sharp and requires surprisingly little pressure to operate. I ordered two Seki Edge "Women's Beauty Tool Kits" to give as gifts.


Great for thick toenails

5/15/2018 by Kathleen

Cuts precisely through think toenails with little pressure. May need to get another to pack in my travel bag!


Best nail clipper ever!

1/3/2018 by Robert

Easily the best nail clipper I have ever owned. It is smooth, clips sharply, and is easy to use.


Very sharp!

1/2/2018 by Geri

Bought one for my husband - stocking stuffer Christmas gift. He used it this evening. Verdict = great!


Love this toenail clipper!

1/1/2018 by Fina

I have bought many toe nail clippers but this one is the BEST!! I will never buy anything else. Thanks for such a great product!


Best clippers ever

12/8/2017 by Debbie

These Rock .... I showed them to my manicurist and she didn't want to give them back. I would love it if they made cat claw clippers .... maybe they would let me clip more then 2 claws at a time


Great toenail clipper

9/8/2017 by Jay

This toenail clipper is the best I've ever owned. Although it's a little pricey, it's very sbarp and cuts very easily, and would recommend it to anyone needing a good clipper.


Unbelievably fabulous clippers

5/17/2017 by Julie

Believe it or not, in lieu of flowers for Mother's day, this crazy kid purchased a pair of these clippers for her Mom after buying a pair for my Husband, (who thinks they are the BEST thing since sliced bread) and She LOVES them!
Luckily, Brother bought her roses. Whew!
We cannot recommend these enough... Especially for an older, or somewhat disabled person. They are really life-altering.
Beautiful product. Thanks Grommet!

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The Seki Edge Story

Seki Edge - Japanese Beauty and Grooming Tools

Look sharp

Superior in both ability and durability, grooming tools from Seki Edge are meticulously made in the Japanese mountains from stainless steel and finished by hand.

Ergonomic design makes using these tools smooth and effortless. The scissors and clippers cut with decisive strokes, while the smart tweezers use a patented spring technology that tweezes precisely with very little pressure.

This same mountain region was renowned for manufacturing the world’s greatest samurai swords for hundreds of years. Seki Edge is proud of that heritage, following the “Bushido” approach—the samurai code of honor
and discipline—in making its products.

The tools from Seki Edge offer timeless craftsmanship that is made to last for a lifetime.
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