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Just used it. Love it!

2/3/2016 by christine

I used for the first time yesterday. Packaged 5 pounds of ground beef in less than 10 minutes. Since I only have one Burger Master I turned the burgers out onto a waxed paper covered cookie sheet. Layered the next set on top and covered with aluminum foil and put in the freezer. Bagged them for future use.
Thinking the lid could be used for layered flavors of gelatin for different desserts.



1/9/2016 by Annette

This is the 5th purchase of this amazing kitchen helper and I can't say enough good things about the ingenious concept. What took so long for this problem solver to happen. Just wish I had thought of it. Great for those who need portion control in their diet. Literally anything can be frozen in these. I gave two for Christmas gifts and still hear the praises. If you are deciding whether or not to buy, do your self a favor and go for it!


Other uses

12/1/2015 by Karen

These are great for burgers but they have other uses. Leftover spaghetti sauce, and other sauces for enchiladas, etc. Freeze them in the burger master and just pull out of the freezer for cooking later. We don't use all of the sauce in the bottles when cooking for two and freezing it makes sure it does not go bad for the next time you want to use the sauce. I imagine you can do left over mashed potatoes and whatever your imagination can think of.


works great

11/20/2015 by Brice

I am a season ticket holder for the CHIEFS and do a lot of tailgating. These work awesome. I have 3 of these and can make 3 different flavors of hamburgers.
(Hot and spices, line flavored and BBQ or whatever I want)
Now I tailgate with no mess at all and have become the burger king of flavors.


Burger Master Works As Advertised

11/17/2015 by Charles

The Burger Master is incredibly simple, highly convenient to use, and definitely works exactly as advertised to form eight ground meat patties from exactly two pounds of bulk ground meat. Once frozen, the ground meat hexagon-shaped patties easily pop out of the tray. A knife or cleaver inserted in the grooves nicely separates the patties.

I found that the tray accepts EXACTLY two pounds of ground meat. Any overage from two pounds results in difficulty closing and securing the top of the tray with the cutting ridges that form the patties. Great product: I bought for myself, and two more as gifts.


I would recommend this to my friends and family

10/20/2015 by Myrna

I overfilled it the first time making it harder to remove the beef patties. I love the ease of filling and the storage of the patties.


Love it!

10/9/2015 by Theresa

It does exactly what it says it will do - press a bunch of burgers quickly.


Useful with different foods

10/7/2015 by JoAnn

The flat shape makes it easy to find a spot in the freezer. Burgers have the exact spices I like to use. It's also useful for excess cookie batter to use later.


a surprising success

9/25/2015 by vida

I have the vacuum bags and when we buy ground beef we usually create 1 lb bags to freeze. After a week, even my husband thinks it absolutely beats our vacuum bags - especially in times when we don't really need a whole pound. It's sanitary, efficient, and economical.


Chef Approved

9/23/2015 by Annette

I have ordered three of these, one of which I gave to my brother, the Chef. How surprised was I when he called to sing its praises! He could not find enough good things to say about this product.

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The Shape + Store Story

Shape + Store - Burger Master

Tray Bien

Shape + Store’s freezer storage containers let you easily create, then freeze, individual portions. Use them with soups, stews, sauces, baby food and more. Simply fill the tray, freeze it, then pop out individual frozen portions as needed.

Their Burger Master tray is also great—no surprise—as a burger press. Put ground beef in the bottom, then press the top on. Just like that, eight perfectly shaped patties without having to touch raw meat with your hands.

Founders Maya and Greg Liberman initially came up with the design to store single servings of cookie dough. But they realized there are far
more foods that people could shape into individual portions, then store for later. In fact, people are coming up with new uses for these freezer storage containers all the time.

Shape + Store’s trays are dishwasher safe, and the flat design is easy to store and transport. Save prep time and cook fresh servings whenever the time is right.
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