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The Smart Cookie Case of 12

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Convenient and easy

7/26/2018 by Katie

The only thing I was confused by was the two half-cookie sections in it - how do you get them to stick together to make one once they're frozen?
Also, I'd like it to be a little bigger, to fit a single batch of cookie dough. All the recipes I try seem to be too big for it.
Overall, it works great, cleans easily, and is very convenient.


10/19/2018 by Linda



Kinda small

5/29/2017 by D

Was not clear on the size and qty wheb i purchased. I was hoping for the money it would contain (2) trays. This might make it worth while to make a batch of cookies for baking later and more cost worthy.

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The Shape + Store Story

Shape + Store - Burger Master

Tray Bien

Shape + Store’s freezer storage containers let you easily create, then freeze, individual portions. Use them with soups, stews, sauces, baby food and more. Simply fill the tray, freeze it, then pop out individual frozen portions as needed.

Their Burger Master tray is also great—no surprise—as a burger press. Put ground beef in the bottom, then press the top on. Just like that, eight perfectly shaped patties without having to touch raw meat with your hands.

Founders Maya and Greg Liberman initially came up with the design to store single servings of cookie dough. But they realized there are far
more foods that people could shape into individual portions, then store for later. In fact, people are coming up with new uses for these freezer storage containers all the time.

Shape + Store’s trays are dishwasher safe, and the flat design is easy to store and transport. Save prep time and cook fresh servings whenever the time is right.
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