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The Silent Pet Tag Refill Pack Case of 12

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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3/16/2018 by Tammie

I like that it is quiet. My dogs shake a good bit and it’s no where near as loud as it used to be.


Attaching ring did not close fully

3/10/2018 by Sandy

We love the silent tag, but had problems with the metal ring that came with it. The tag is thick, so you have to use a lot of force to open the metal ring and attach the tag. The ring deformed to accommodate the tag, but remained deformed, so it did not close fully after the tag was attached. Being partly open, it got caught in tufty shrubs, and ultimately the whole tag got pulled off and lost in the bushes.
We are ordering another silent pet tag one but we plan to use a different method of attachment.


Lost the tag due to break

3/10/2018 by Anna

In the Q&A on this item's page, it says, "The durability is also very surprising and guaranteed to hold up." The ring part of the tag that allows the tag to attach to to a ring on the collar broke. I did not expect that to happen given the quoted statement. Otherwise, these tags are great.


I'll try it one more time

2/3/2018 by Lorett

I truly love the fact that it is so quiet. No metal clinging sounds. The first one I purchased came off and lost within one month. I was disappointed especially because of the cost. However, I am purchasing three this time......hoping they will stay on the collars. If they come off I will not be purchasing again.


Silence is golden!

12/28/2017 by Jody

First bought a SiliDog tag for my stethoscope as I'm a night-shift RN and my previous ID tag jingled too much. Then when we needed an updated phone number for our dogs tag, I went with the SiliDog tag for her too, especially since her metal rabies tag & license tags were wearing each other until they were almost unreadable. So this should help there. And the quiet is a wonderful bonus!


Love but why use their info on front

5/23/2017 by KRIS

Love the tag but I wish I had the option of having their info on the front of the tag. OR to not have it on there at all. Why pay for a tag that they get to advertise on the front? Confusing really someone might try that # not mine.


They're Right--It Doesn't Jangle

5/3/2017 by linda

The dog tag doesn't make noise which is appreciated. Unfortunately, we bought ours for our new Morkie pup and the round disc hung too low so she was able to chew on it. Husband shortened the connector and that helped only a bit so now she has made a crack in the tag so it isn't as nice looking as it was when we got it. We have to twist it around and under her collar to lay flat on the back of her neck but it does move eventually so it isn't a permanent solution. Nice product just have a pup who likes to gnaw.


Maybe durable for 2 years?

3/26/2017 by George

When I bought this in May 2015 the attachment ring hole of the tag was in the same plane as the tag. I see that nearly two years later the attachment ring is now rotated 90 degrees. Hopefully this improves the durability of the tag as the hole attachment ring on my Lab's tag failed in March of this year, 2017. The ring hole and the tag are all of the same materiel and due to repeated deflection between the ring hole area and the massive (relative terms) tag, fatigue failure of this joint can occur. I do like the soft material of the tag and all the custom info you can have put on it; therefore, I will be a repeat customer.


Nice Quiet tag!

12/5/2016 by Patti

I am pleased with this purchase. Now it is much quieter when myYorkiechon jumps on the bed as I am coming in for the nigiht. Now I am not as concerned about the noise waking up my husband. I honestly thing that is is quite overpriced but worth it in the long run.


Not puppy-proof

3/30/2020 by Maureen

Love the look of the tag, the amount of info that it can contain, and the speed with which it was delivered. Sadly, my puppy was not enchanted, and managed to contort his jaw enough to rip the tag the first hour that it was on his collar. Maybe I should have ordered the round tag instead of the bone-shaped one, which has little edges to grab, but the bottom line is that it can be torn by puppy teeth. I am bummed.

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The SiliDog Story

SiliDog - Silent Pet Tag


Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. SiliDog tags are durable, fade-proof, and best of all, silent.

When Founder Michael Lickstein adopted a rescue, the poor pooch had fleas and just couldn’t stop scratching. The incessant tag jingling kept Michael up all night, so he came up with a noise-free solution—silicone pet tags. These adorable 3-D IDs are flexible, tough, and jingle-free.

Even if your dog doesn’t scratch much, you’ve probably noticed how those metal tags clank against the water bowl and rattle during walks. That’s all in
the past.

Custom-engravable, SiliDog tags also have personality. The silicone shapes are fun and playful—which is appropriate for your furry best friend.
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