The Silent Pet Tag Starter Pack with Display Case of 12

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Great - silent and so cute!

10/21/2020 by CHRISTIE

First of all it is adorable. And I love that he can wear this with no noise at all!


No More Jingles

10/19/2020 by Barbara

Bought this for our pet. He doesn’t constantly click & clack when he runs around. Nice, bright color too


Cute pet tag

10/10/2020 by Daphne

I bought this tag for my dog, and I think it’s so cute. The quality of the material and clarity of the lettering are very good. And it really is quiet. I would recommend this product.


great product

10/9/2020 by Susan

Finally a silent tag! The dogs and I appreciate them. I ordered 2 - you can get up to 3 lines of info on each side. For my special needs older dog (small bone shaped tag) on on side I put her name on line 1, (deaf) on line 2 and phone number on line three. On reverse I put 1- microchipped, 2- Amador County CA, 3 - rabies tag # ------. Now the dogs only wear one tag instead of two. Attachment ring could be sturdier - I used one of the old rings.



10/9/2020 by Paula

I love the new tags. They make no sound at all. I really enjoyed being able to create the information that I wanted in them.


Happy Moose

8/28/2020 by bob

I like the look and the quiet quality of the tag.
Great Dane puppy, Moose, likes it too.


Love it!

8/9/2020 by Marilyn

The silicone dog tag has cut down on the jingling of our pups tags. And when she moves about in the dark, I can see her wherever she goes; the tag really emits a soft glow.
Thank you, SiliDog!


Perfect "No Noise" Tag

7/31/2020 by Shannon

I really like the size, writing, 2 sided information, and the fact that the tag does not make a sound. Shipping was quick and overall would recommend.


Tailored as specified :-)

7/26/2020 by Dawn Marcia

My only minor issue is that the rubber tab used to attach ID tag to a dog's collar could break if my powerful dog gets the tag snarled on something, losing the tag. On the other hand that could be a positive feature since the dog (at least mine) could break away from a life threatening hang up.



7/24/2020 by Claudia

Our dog as several tags ,nice to not add more noise

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The SiliDog Story

SiliDog - Silent Pet Tag


Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. SiliDog tags are durable, fade-proof, and best of all, silent.

When Founder Michael Lickstein adopted a rescue, the poor pooch had fleas and just couldn’t stop scratching. The incessant tag jingling kept Michael up all night, so he came up with a noise-free solution—silicone pet tags. These adorable 3-D IDs are flexible, tough, and jingle-free.

Even if your dog doesn’t scratch much, you’ve probably noticed how those metal tags clank against the water bowl and rattle during walks. That’s all in
the past.

Custom-engravable, SiliDog tags also have personality. The silicone shapes are fun and playful—which is appropriate for your furry best friend.
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