The Silent Pet Tag Starter Pack with Display Case of 12

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they do not glow in the dark

1/4/2020 by Carol

I purchased 3 dog tags for my childrens dogs.
I believe they are happy with the tags except they said they do not glow in the dark.


Great but wish there was smaller bone

8/5/2019 by Alex

The blue bone looks great on my Jack Russell/Dachshund mix but looks a bit too bulky. I wish there was a small bone option. Otherwise, the flexibility of it is working out great for my active guy.


Great tags for new puppy

5/31/2019 by Debbie

Two new puppies now have 2 special new tags. The print size, font and message allowance were appreciated.

My hardship came trying to attach the tag with a more durable ring connector. Notorious puppy with puppy play bent provided connector within seconds.


Silent dog tag

4/28/2019 by Sandra

These are just what they say very quiet! But they are smaller than I thought they would be. But I would recommend them



4/11/2019 by LaDonna

It looks bigger than it really is. Make sure you check the actual measurements. I have a large dog ... but I like it. It’s quiet and has all the info.


Quality Item

2/26/2019 by Karen

I'm very happy with this ID tag. It's well made, easy to read, and silent. I would like to get one for my other dog but truthfully it is too pricey. The product itself is 5 Star but I took off a star because it is really overpriced. It should be selling for $10 instead of $20.


ID Tag for Tour Pet

1/26/2019 by Tere

Like item very much. My only issue is that my dog's name is RonnieWoods (ONE word, named for the stones guitarist). Someone separated - I assume thinking it was his guardian's name. Our name is actually Stamoulis. May order another -for a second collar - just name hi mane left as entered on the form.


Love It!

1/7/2019 by James

My dog Lucy is not a runner, but, stuff happens. She's a lot safer with the SiliDog tag on. Plus, she's a hound mix and this makes her look more like a 'lady'.


Cheap jump ring

12/28/2018 by Doni

Loved the product, ordered 2 less than 2 months ago. One for Pippa and one for my other dog, Monty. Yesterday I noticed Monty’s tag was gone. I then inspected Pippa’s and saw that the jump ring that comes with the tag is sprung. I recommend upgrading the jump ring before you lose $20 like I did.


Almost perfect

12/17/2018 by Linda

This tag is soft and silent, as advertised. Print is big and very readable. However . . . the loop part that attaches to a ring is so wide, it doesn’t really allow for an additional license tag to hang properly. As long as you can get ALL the information you need on the SiliDog tag, it’s great.

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The SiliDog Story

SiliDog - Silent Pet Tag


Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. SiliDog tags are durable, fade-proof, and best of all, silent.

When Founder Michael Lickstein adopted a rescue, the poor pooch had fleas and just couldn’t stop scratching. The incessant tag jingling kept Michael up all night, so he came up with a noise-free solution—silicone pet tags. These adorable 3-D IDs are flexible, tough, and jingle-free.

Even if your dog doesn’t scratch much, you’ve probably noticed how those metal tags clank against the water bowl and rattle during walks. That’s all in
the past.

Custom-engravable, SiliDog tags also have personality. The silicone shapes are fun and playful—which is appropriate for your furry best friend.
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