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The Silent Pet Tag Starter Pack with Display Case of 12

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Ripped in half

2/11/2017 by Meg

It's cute and quiet but not for puppies. Our corgi pup made it his mission to attack this and while it was amusing to watch him he did finally catch the corner. Most of the info was still there so it survived until my husband was grabbing for his collar to put his leash on and caught the tag instead and that was the end of that. So not very durable. We just put the plastic tags (city license tag and micro chip tag) between the metal ones so the tags didn't jingle.


It lasted a week.

2/3/2017 by Linda

Apparently the plastic is not strong enough and it disappeared within a week. Not happy.


Terrible customer service and cheap looking product

1/24/2017 by Abby

I was very excited to buy a silidog tag for each of my dogs. However, when they arrived the information was slanted and the top of my street address was cut off on one of the tags. I tried emailing the company twice, messaging and emailing them through Facebook, and calling them, and still have not received a response after six weeks. Given the cost of the tags, I think they should exhibit better customer service and respond to customer inquiries and complaints. I would not recommend based on my own experience.


Great while it lasted...a month

1/5/2017 by Sharon

I got the pink bone for my medium sized dog. It was nice and quiet for about 5 weeks and then it broke last night. Not even during any strenuous play, just rolling around on the carpet after a walk. Customer Service suggested I initiate a return, which of course was refused as this is a personalized product.

What a waste of money. I do NOT recommend the SiliDog.


Unique dog tag!!

11/25/2016 by Sarah

I purchased this as a gift for my daughter's dog liking the idea that it was not metal. Color is great.



11/17/2016 by Kim

Tag didn't last 2 weeks... puppy was able destroy it pretty much instantly. The embossing is not through the entire tag, just a thin top layer. As soon as the dog was able to get a tiny piece of that layer off, he pretty much went to town. pretty crazy that a product meant for a dog, cant live up to a tiny 6 month old Shih Tzu!

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The SiliDog Story

SiliDog - Silent Pet Tag


Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. SiliDog tags are durable, fade-proof, and best of all, silent.

When Founder Michael Lickstein adopted a rescue, the poor pooch had fleas and just couldn’t stop scratching. The incessant tag jingling kept Michael up all night, so he came up with a noise-free solution—silicone pet tags. These adorable 3-D IDs are flexible, tough, and jingle-free.

Even if your dog doesn’t scratch much, you’ve probably noticed how those metal tags clank against the water bowl and rattle during walks. That’s all in
the past.

Custom-engravable, SiliDog tags also have personality. The silicone shapes are fun and playful—which is appropriate for your furry best friend.
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