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The Silent Pet Tag Starter Pack with Display Case of 12

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Silent AND non-reflective!

1/8/2019 by Diane

We bought this tag to replace a metal one not because it was "silent" but because it wasn't metal and would not reflect the sun. Our new dog is obsessed with light and the reflection of her old ID tag in the sunlight was a major distraction for her. She would chase it like crazy. Now she's much more relaxed and her ID tag is not a source of aggravation to her.Great product and very nice looking, too.



1/8/2019 by Sandra

This is the best dog tag ever! I love everything about it....the size, the bright color (I picked yellow), both the quantity and the quality of the written information...but the best thing is it is silent! The constant jingle-jangle from my 95 pound Lab all day long is gone!!! Highly recommend !


Looks Awesome Seems Pretty tough!

1/6/2019 by Chuck

Our dog plays VERY RRROUGH! so far its holding up. Used a larger Key ring to attach to collar. He plays much bigger than his 55lbs so hoping it lasts longer than the other 2 metal tags in the past year


Nice and reflective tag

1/6/2019 by Elvira

Although my dog doesn't often go out at night without being on a lead it's nice to know she has the little extra security of this reflective tag.



1/4/2019 by Anne

I love this tag. you can read it clearly and no jingle noise when he runs or plays. Definitely recommend it to anyone with a pet they want to be returned if lost.


Wonderful Product!

1/4/2019 by Sue

We just got this for our new rescue dog and feel so much more comfortable knowing that she is wearing this if she should get away from us! It is large enough to be seen from some distance and so lightweight that she doesn't know it is there! Highly recommend!


Best dog tag ever!

1/1/2019 by Natalie

I love this tag so much. I couldn’t stand the jingling of my dog’s metal tags, but I also didn’t want her to be without one. Finding this was the perfect solution and now I can’t hear a thing! Plus the tag itself is super high quality and is going to last years!


nice ID tag

12/30/2018 by Nancy

Arrived quickly, it is very nice ID tag, doesn't jingle against other tags and is readable. My dog likes to sneak out whenever possible, so would be nice for the neighbors to know where he belongs without having to contact my pet finder number and can call me directly.


Great tag!

12/30/2018 by Jennifer

It glows in the dark, which we didn't expect. Also would swear I only ordered one, but we got two of them, so there's a back up if anything happens to the first one. Dog is much happier since she doesn't have to worry about her tag rattling and making noise any more.


Love this

12/30/2018 by Cathy

We have a new puppy and I ordered this dog doesn't make any noise and it's perfect for an active puppy. Quality material

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The SiliDog Story

SiliDog - Silent Pet Tag


Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. SiliDog tags are durable, fade-proof, and best of all, silent.

When Founder Michael Lickstein adopted a rescue, the poor pooch had fleas and just couldn’t stop scratching. The incessant tag jingling kept Michael up all night, so he came up with a noise-free solution—silicone pet tags. These adorable 3-D IDs are flexible, tough, and jingle-free.

Even if your dog doesn’t scratch much, you’ve probably noticed how those metal tags clank against the water bowl and rattle during walks. That’s all in
the past.

Custom-engravable, SiliDog tags also have personality. The silicone shapes are fun and playful—which is appropriate for your furry best friend.
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