Simple Sarongs

Cotton Sarong & Towel Cover-Up

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The Simple Sarongs Story

Simple Sarong - Convertible Beach Towel Cover-Up

It's A Wrap

If necessity is the mother of invention, it makes sense that a mom came up with Simple Sarongs. Maker Kami Darnell got the idea while playing with her children at the pool. She wanted something to throw on over her wet swimsuit that wouldn’t fall off or add bulk to her beach bag.

The result is full-size, lightweight cotton and microfiber beach towels that can quickly and easily double as a cover-up. That’s thanks to two strategically placed buttons and eight buttonholes that make a towel drape nicely without needing to tuck or roll excess material. And Kami didn’t forget about little beach
goers——her hooded towels for kids button at the neck to keep them cozily wrapped up while they dry off. Read More Read Less