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Static Charged Dry-Erase Sticky Notes Sample

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Reviews (3.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Versatile and Easy to Use

5/15/2018 by linda

This is a great product. I have an old white board in my office, so I put these slicky notes on it and now I have an easy to change list of projects. I can move them around and re-arrange the order - much more flexibility than erasing and re-writing the board. Also can use and stick directly on the wall if no board is available. Gave one pack to our CEO so he can move his data around as well.



4/10/2018 by Tina

This is a great product, I bought some for myself for my office and now everyone want's them! Works exactly like it says and you can't beat the price. I got a lot of stickies. I loved the product. :)


Perfect for Studying

3/16/2018 by Rachel

I bought these to help me memorize information for my comprehensive exams and for studying Italian. I think they are so cool. I have the Italian word for things stuck to items all over the house! While they are supposed to be re-usable as far as erasable, I don't think that option works very well, but I haven't had any issue with them clinging to whatever I stick them to. They are, therefore, especially useful for information that is more permanent or where you can continually display the same message or note over time. They are nicer than a simple post-it note.


Terriffic product!

2/28/2018 by Phyllis

I use these just about everywhere- on the fridge, on the wall, on the floor, on books, on lampshades, on mirrors, and more! If I use a dry erase marker, i can use them over again--that saves money, too.
Love them. I am thinking of buying more to give as gifts.



2/23/2018 by Denise

Working really great for my businesses and no more waste. Can keep information at hand on desk, they don’t get lost in paperwork❤️



2/13/2018 by Patricia

I love these sticky notes!!they stick almost everywhere and are so handy and will restick to another spot and are reuseable... as long as you use dry erase pens.


Fun product

6/27/2019 by Shawn

Bright colors..


Love these - great find!

2/3/2019 by Mary Beth

These notes are great - they adhere as advertised. The only issue I am having is on the dry-erase side - I've tried a couple of dry erase markers and the ink doesn't erase as I'd hoped. I need, but otherwise, for notes I want to look at or have in front of me for awhile, these are my go to....


Organization on the back of my door

7/25/2018 by Lisa

I like these a lot. Two caveats: if the white side is dry erasable, I must be using the wrong kind of marker, because I had no success trying to wipe them clean. Also, they will eventually lose their static cling. I don't think this is really a big issue, as you get a generous number of notes in your order.


Not bad

2/10/2018 by Susie Smith

I am using them at the office on our white board. They work just fine but they do have a tendency to come off if left too long. They are not erasable if you use marker or pen just like any other surface.

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The SlickyNotes Story

What if sticky notes never ran out?

Reusable Stickies

These dry erase sticky notes are electrostatically charged, letting you brainstorm, set reminders, and make notes-to-self easily.

The stickies stick to smooth, clean surfaces (think: whiteboards, glass, metal, wood, plastic, even leather). The notes can slide around and, unlike traditional ones, the sticky-ness won’t wear out.

Each note has two sides, too. One is a permanent writing surface and the other is dry erase, so you can reuse it.

SlickyNote is a glue-less, double-sided upgrade to the workflow essential.