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Slipper Socks Sample

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Would love to see these in men's sizes

11/28/2016 by Diane

These look SO COMFORTABLE, and I was preparing to buy a pair for everyone in the family until I read the reviews that advised that they are too small for men's feet and for women's feet size 9 and up. Unfortunately, that eliminated 9/10th of the people I would buy for. If you ever come out with bigger sizes, I would love to try them.


Not True To Size!!

11/23/2016 by Judy

I was so disappointed because, I was looking forward to wearing them and I couldn't even get them on my feet. I am disabled and I thought they would stay on better than other ones do. I love the Grommet products and will continue ordering in the future.


Good idea BUT...

11/23/2016 by Bill

One size fits all -- not true!
I bought them for myself -- mens shoe size 10
I canNOT get my foot into them!
They are now my wife's -- womens shoe size 6
They sorta fit -- they are tight.


too small

10/31/2019 by Dan

Must be Female sizes



2/24/2019 by Michele

Very disappointed. Very hard to get onto foot and truly doesn’t fit.


Not for me.

2/13/2019 by Sara

too tight, didnt wash well.....a good idea, but not successful


Totally disappointing

5/15/2018 by Roy

My pair were through at the heel ( I don’t have any kids, I don’t have any animals, I have mostly wood floors ) within a month and a half. I am now using them to dust


Poor quality

1/9/2018 by Donna

Very disappointed in these socks. Only had 1 month and already both have holes in the bottom. I only wear at night to sleep and walking around in morning before getting dressed for the day.


Huge fall risk!

11/26/2017 by Kori

I loved mine to begin with but then I noticed (and it is quite clear in photos from underneath) that the non-slip applications do not cover the heels or toes, making these very easy to fall in. Unless you walk on only the balls of your feet, it is easy to fall down on vinyl, wood and other uncovered flooring, you can step foward and have your heel shoot forward making you do a painful split which will send all but ballerinas to the ER. It's also possible to slip while standing on your toes while reaching up into tall cabinets. That's the deal-breaker on these socks. If you need still more convincing, read on.

On top of all that, the socks never match, one will have a lot of liner poking out of the top while the other keeps it all inside; one is always smaller than other; and lastly, the bottoms wear out too quickly.


These socks run very small

11/21/2017 by Lorraine

These "one size" slipper socks run very small and have no give at all, although they are described as "stretchy." The strong reviews are surprising to me; while they keep my small feet warm, I bought them for my daughter with average size feet and she couldn't wear them.

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The PUDUS Story

Are those clouds on your feet?

Soft Slipper Socks

These cozy slipper socks feel as luscious as they look.

Entirely lined in plush faux shearling, PUDUS are like a warm hug for your feet.

To adjust the sock to your ideal height, just roll down the cuff.

They’re named after a tiny, adorable species of deer found in certain regions of South America—the pudú. Small, cute, cuddly, and much like the socks themselves, you really can’t get enough of them.

Besides being super comfy, each pair of socks has silicone grips on the bottom to give you traction on wood and tile.

Wear these slipper socks around the house or in bed—and keep your feet wrapped
in toasty, extra-plush comfort. Read More Read Less