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8/1/2020 by Patti

Wonderful product



7/22/2020 by Victoria

I bought 3 of these and kept one and gave the others to family and they think it’s Great!


Plastic package opener

7/20/2020 by Cheryl

I’m very happy with this purchase. I’m 70 years old & was finding it difficult to open plastic enclosed products. This gadget is easy to use & works great!


The only way to tackle packaging

7/20/2020 by Dale

I am so glad I have this to use to open plastic packaging. It has taken the pain out of opening those packaging nightmares.


works great

7/20/2020 by Bonnie

A little hard to get it started, but then slices open the package with little effort.


Works Great!

5/10/2020 by erin

Opening tightly sealed packaging is much easier...less frustrating!


Very Handy Tool

5/7/2020 by Emily

Thank goodness. No more cuts trying to open a blister pack! Great solution. Only thing that would be better would be if I'd thought of it!


A true aggravation-buster

3/25/2020 by Kristi

I've only used it once so far, but after I got the hang of it, it worked well, and I'm sure it will be very helpful in months/years to come. Thank you!


Works great!

3/12/2020 by frederick

Works great. The image shows the person pushing the blade. I pulled the blade and with very little effort it cut through the sealed plastic. Not quite like butter, but much easier than using scissors or a utility knife. And safer.


Free of Frustration

1/15/2020 by Barbara

The Plastic Package Opener by Sllitit works perfectly. Saves a lot of frustration trying to get those tightly sealed packages open.

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The Slitit Story

SlitIt | Plastic Package Opener

The Cutting Edge

The Slitit clamshell opener was born out of frustration, a word often used when talking about this tricky type of plastic packaging. Maker Caitlin Schwartz struggled to open a packaged hair straightener and even injured herself in the process. She paired up with her sister Kirsten—a fellow fine artist—and their mechanical engineer father to create a better-working and safer solution.

Slitit’s stainless steel blade is molded into a contoured, tubular handle. This design choice was a deliberate one. The handle gives you a good grip on the task at hand, plus it protects your actual hands from cut
plastic shards while you’re slicing away. Best of all, this cutter is simple to use. Just line it up, push or pull along the problematic packaging, and rejoice at how much easier that was. Read More Read Less