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Plastic Package Opener Case of 24

Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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not ideal

11/1/2019 by Robin

didn't work as well as described, hard time to get started



6/28/2019 by Dave

Tried this out when I first got it. Didn't seem to work very well. Took a lot of muscle to shove it through the thick plastic packaging.


Slitit not perfect

6/17/2019 by Bonnie

I receive some plastic packages that don't work with the Slitit. For those with the right design, it works very well.



6/15/2019 by Nita J

I promptly tried to use this opener and I was very disappointed. Sorry that I ordered two of them. I was going to give one as a gift.


Great idea if it would work

11/8/2019 by Diane

Bought this product to make opening those hard plastic packages open a lot easier. I tried it on 5 different packages and it doesn't work as easy as it says it does, ( like a hot knife through butter). Not true. The only way I could make it work is to cut at an angle and that was hard to do because of the long straight edge.


slitit performance

6/17/2019 by josef

i give it about 2.5 grommets - it’s been very difficult, for me at least, to get the cut started - holding the package steady enough while keeping the blade aligned at the right angle not so easy — once it gets going it seems to cut ok


Very dissatisfied

3/23/2020 by Jack

I am not happy with it at all it's one of those things I purchase try to use it once it doesn't work and it goes in the junk drawer I'm sorry to say but I would not recommend this product to anyone


Does not work

3/11/2020 by Ronald

I give it ZERO STARS. Is not sharp enough to do the job. Requires TOO much strength. A scissors is still the best.



3/10/2020 by John

It does not work. It went to the trash.


Couldn't make it work

3/10/2020 by Sharon

Bought these for all six families PLUS and could not get mine to work. Perhaps I need more hand strength but .... THATS WHY I BOUGHT THEM!!! Very disappointed.

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The Slitit Story

SlitIt | Plastic Package Opener

The Cutting Edge

The Slitit clamshell opener was born out of frustration, a word often used when talking about this tricky type of plastic packaging. Maker Caitlin Schwartz struggled to open a packaged hair straightener and even injured herself in the process. She paired up with her sister Kirsten—a fellow fine artist—and their mechanical engineer father to create a better-working and safer solution.

Slitit’s stainless steel blade is molded into a contoured, tubular handle. This design choice was a deliberate one. The handle gives you a good grip on the task at hand, plus it protects your actual hands from cut
plastic shards while you’re slicing away. Best of all, this cutter is simple to use. Just line it up, push or pull along the problematic packaging, and rejoice at how much easier that was. Read More Read Less