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Hot Dog Scorer Case of 36

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Product

5/26/2020 by Shane

I saw it on your site about a year ago, and finally decided to buy one, I should have done it sooner.
It is a great product, you get a great char on the dog and it is for great eating, I have also used it on Polish Sausage and it worked great, I am going to try it on Italian Sausage next, I will boil the sausage to make sure the meat does not shoot out of the casing, and then throw on the grill after using slot dog. The casing would be cut so then the sausage will not contract and bend to fit the roll beautifually.
Looking forwared to use it for years to come. I clean it with a bottle brush to sanitize all the nooks and crannies.


Game changer

5/5/2020 by Christian

Everyone laughed at me when I described the Slot Dog...until they had one. I have purchase several as gifts after people raved about them!


Slotdog Scorer

11/1/2019 by TC

This item was a big hit at the Harvest Festival. Used it at our community event. Everyone was asking what I was doing to the hot dog and why. I told them.


Use it every time we have hotdogs

6/26/2019 by Ernest

Love it


Works great

6/11/2019 by Brent`

My wife was excited when the hot dog scorer came in. She no longer had to score the hot dogs with a knife. It work as designed. Wife swears the hot dogs taste better. She happy so i happy.


Great invention

6/6/2019 by Joyce

I had to try this out as soon as I received it. I followed the instructions and the item worked as shown. The hot dog was cute in the diamond shape part way through on each side. I did them in my air fryer and they came out perfectly browned and juicy. Was so neat to put in the bun and add my ketchup and it didn't smear all over the place and actually went into the little grooves from the cutter. Very happy with this item and anxious to try when I have company and do them on the grill.


Best product for hotdogs.

6/1/2019 by Julie

This slot dog makes your hotdog taste better than you have ever thought.


Works great

10/19/2018 by Alan

Makes great hot dogs!



9/3/2018 by Cynthia

Saves me from having to randomly slice my hot dogs to keep from curling up


Works great on normal hot dogs, but!

8/11/2018 by Gary

I love gadgets so I was impressed with the look @ nice carmelization after grilling when following the instructions to use chilled hot dogs before scoring. I also like to make Charred Polish Sausage, such as the Maxwell Street Polish served in Chicago, but because I was using the "natural casing" variety, it was too tough for the tool to score or cut the casing. I did get the tool to cut, but had to press so hard, that I ended up crushing the sausage. Regardless, I grilled the crushed polish sausage anyway & they turned out awesome. Next time, I'll try to find a softer casing on the polish. For normal hot dogs, I'd give this tool 5 thumbs up. Easy cleanup also.

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The Slotdog Story

Why is a Canadian fixing our hot dogs?

Delicious Dogs

A freshly grilled hot dog is often the first sign of cookout season—the period when Americans consume about 7 billion dogs. But while we were busy chowing down, an enterprising Canadian created a hot dog scorer that takes those backyard meals up a notch.

Slotdog is a bladed tool that makes diamond-shaped cuts in hot dogs. These cuts create caramelized, crispy edges when they hit the grill. And those nooks are the perfect place for mustard, ketchup, and other condiments to seep down into.

Another benefit: the scored surface releases steam. Your hot dogs won’t burst or bend into unappetizing

Maker Daniel Crichton experimented with different cuts and pokes on hot dogs to try to liven them up—and ultimately created this tool that takes them in a new taste direction.

The blades on Slotdog are sharp, so be careful when you press it into the hot dog. Press on one side, flip, then press into the other, and that’s it—you’re on your way to a better hot dog.
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