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Hot Dog Scorer Case of 36

Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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5/15/2018 by Joyce

Dogs more enjoyable and fun for grilling.


Makes good looking dogs

5/15/2018 by LaDene

Hot dogs grill just like the pictures. The casing helps protect fingers, as I discovered during a klutzy moment.



9/22/2017 by Gary

A lot quicker then using a knife and safer.



8/15/2017 by Mark

After try it on some hot dogs and brats, more marinade flavors was present after cooking. Mustard, Ketchup and relish got in between the slots of dogs and brats give it a different flavor than before.


Fun way to eat Hot dogs

7/3/2017 by Jon

This thing is so easy to use and FUN! Everyone looks at the Hot dogs for a second then ask "What is up with the dogs?" But after a minute of staring at them, they think it is so cool. It makes the dogs different and cook up faster. Just don't use on sausage or other dog with a heavy casing as it may not be able to go thru those.
I took this over to a friends house and the homeowner and kids loved it so much I wound up giving it to them so the kids could use it all summer. I already have another one on order. Fun and easy way to make smiles.


Hot diggity dog!

6/22/2017 by Michael J

Great device will never eat a plain hot dog again. Would definitely recommend to a friend. This is a must have for grilling season.


Crispy Juicy hot dogs

6/14/2017 by Don

This product has a very solid construction, is very sharp and makes the hot dogs really taste great. It Really holds your liquid condiments well.
I use it to compress at three contact points instead of two and then I get those sprockets all around the hot dog. This is the best tasting hot dog on the grill or in a frying pan.

This definitely seems to be a lifetime product.

The blades are very sharp and cleaning is a little difficult by hand, use a brush, so be careful and use a dishwasher if you have one.
I would rather have a sharp product that cuts just right than a dull one that smashes the hot dog.

I would recommend this product to everyone!!!


The man on the grill.

5/18/2017 by Jeff

My wife love's it


Great tool

1/13/2017 by Marsha

I have started scoring hot dogs/sausages to grill BUT this tool has shown me a much easier and organized way to score the 'tube steak'!
It is a brilliant tool!


Hot Dog!

11/22/2016 by clisby

It's a wiener!

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The Slotdog Story

Why is a Canadian fixing our hot dogs?

Delicious Dogs

A freshly grilled hot dog is often the first sign of cookout season—the period when Americans consume about 7 billion dogs. But while we were busy chowing down, an enterprising Canadian created a hot dog scorer that takes those backyard meals up a notch.

Slotdog is a bladed tool that makes diamond-shaped cuts in hot dogs. These cuts create caramelized, crispy edges when they hit the grill. And those nooks are the perfect place for mustard, ketchup, and other condiments to seep down into.

Another benefit: the scored surface releases steam. Your hot dogs won’t burst or bend into unappetizing

Maker Daniel Crichton experimented with different cuts and pokes on hot dogs to try to liven them up—and ultimately created this tool that takes them in a new taste direction.

The blades on Slotdog are sharp, so be careful when you press it into the hot dog. Press on one side, flip, then press into the other, and that’s it—you’re on your way to a better hot dog.
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