Snake Eyes

Wooden Yard Dice Case of 12

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6/28/2013 by Neecers

Awesome! Great yard game.


Great teaching tool

6/26/2019 by Sue

When teaching kids would borrow my set at recess time to play. It was great for third graders to do quick mental multiplication too.



8/28/2018 by Susan

This was a birthday gift for a friend who has two young grandchildren. They’ve enjoyed playing with this.


Great quality, but very heavy!

7/26/2018 by Juli

I loved the idea of giant dice to play lawn games, and I'm not a bit disappointed; however, the dice are very heavy. Each die must weigh three or four-pounds, so picking up, carrying, holding, throwing becomes strenuous after a few turns. The child I played one round with had much trouble holding all the dice at the same time. Overall, I love this purchase and the high-quality of wood. I'm confident this game will last for years and years of fun. If only the die were a bit lighter. . .then again, it could be a great workout for the whole family: weight-lift and play! Word up!


Nice Gift

7/5/2016 by Linda

My son-in-law loved them.



7/2/2016 by Kathie

I live in the desert, when I received these one die was cracked, I oiled them with Mineral oil, noticed another one is starting to split.
I haven't played with them yet, it is way too hot outside, but looking forward to beating my husband in Yahtzee!! Which will work out, as you only need 5 dice for that game.
I think you should let people know that they need to be treated if you want them to last.
Otherwise, I think it is a fun idea, and looking forward to playing with them!



6/16/2015 by PEGGY

I love these. When not using them, I set them in my window sill as decoration and it looks awesome. It would've been nice if a bucket of some sort came with them but still a good purchase.


well made!

9/16/2013 by km

We love backyard games, and this has proven a great addition to our collection. I can't wait to take it up to the kickball fields to play in between games!


great product

6/29/2013 by hydrangea

love the dice. come in nice burlap bag. has enclosed sheet of instructions for a variety of different games to play. the dice are smaller than i expected, however. only about 3.5" cubes



8/21/2015 by Margot

I like them but they are much smaller than they look in the picture! And, the instructions for the dice games were messed up due to the stain on the dice.

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The Snake Eyes Story

Yard Dice - Wooden Dice Game

Cubed Classics

Get ready to play. A gaming classic has made its way outdoors, thanks to Jeremy Exley, creator of Snake Eyes Yard Dice.

An inventor and avid dice player, Jeremy wanted to play his favorite games away from the tabletop, so he created palm-sized dice (3.5 cubic inches) for tossing and throwing outdoors. Yard Dice and Dominoes are fun, portable, and perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach outings and more. The whole family can enjoy classic dominoes and dice games like Greedy, Whamee, Balut, Pig, and Bunco.

These games are handmade in Minnesota from solid wood with branded pips
(the dots on the face of each die) and a rich finish. The Yard Dice set includes 6 dice and directions for 10 different dice games. The Yard Dominoes set includes 28 dominoes, from double blanks to double sixes. Both come in a rustic drawstring bag for easy portability.

Jeremy’s hardwood dice are ready to roll anytime, anywhere. We’re feeling lucky. Are you?
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