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Wooden Yard Dice Case of 12

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Good fun

5/15/2014 by William

I'm having fun with these. Besides playing games on the carpet or on the lawn, they look kind of cool just sitting on display as a conversation piece. For the price, I would have thought the quality would have been better (better wood or wood with fewer blemishes). I applied a light oil stain to them to enhance the appearance and to help seal them against moisture etc. Overall, I like them.



12/31/2013 by Pamela

with some of the dots being lighter than other, I don't feel there was all that much attention to detail. My daughter, however, for whom it was a gift, said she was satisfied.


should be fun

11/19/2013 by Becky

I bought these for my husband as a Christmas gift, so we have not used them yet. I can tell you that they arrived in a USPS box that was a bit too small, but that's what I wrapped them in (without opening the box). I am hoping that all that was promised is inside!!


make them yourself and save money

6/28/2015 by Kathy

For as much as I paid for these dice, I thought they would be made better. The dots are very lightly burned into the surface of the dice....with much use they will probably disappear. I think I could have made these myself for a lot less money.


Not as nice looking as in the photos

10/11/2014 by Irene

The dice I received are not what they look like in the video and photos. The dice are darker in color with knots and irregular coloring. The wood on these dice are pretty rough and it looks like some of the edge cuts were done with a dull saw with minimal sanding. I am concerned about possible splinters from handling the dice, especially after some use. The snake eyes logo isn't centered on some, so it's missing the outer edge of the ring. Not a big deal, but it goes to the overall lack of quality. The storage bag seems decent though. The included card with game instructions only contains 4 games, but their website has a list of many more. Cool idea, but little attention to quality present in my set.


Cute but not for grass

6/25/2014 by Ellen

These blocks are cute and a fun idea for outdoor dice games, but....they don't roll on the grass and get caught corners up, not numbers down. They do better on a hard surface.



10/26/2013 by Robert

Grommet usually has quality products. These are not. The pips are stamped. The wood is splintered and not sanded properly. Knots in the wood expose little ones to cuts and scrapes.

Not what I expected.

{Response from the Snake Eyes creator Jeremy: As the owner/ creator of Snake Eyes Yard Dice I as checking up on our product and looking at our different retailers we noticed your review on the Grommet. Please know that our product is made in Minnesota by hand from naturally sourced wood. The wood is shaped and sanded prior to burning the pips in and staining them. The pips are hot iron branded into each side. Since this process is all manual we should have caught and rough edges or knots that were not acceptable and we apologize for that. If you could please describe in full the defects and supply photos we are more than happy to send replacement dice.

Thanks for your business,
Snake Eyes Yard Dice}

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The Snake Eyes Story

Yard Dice - Wooden Dice Game

Cubed Classics

Get ready to play. A gaming classic has made its way outdoors, thanks to Jeremy Exley, creator of Snake Eyes Yard Dice.

An inventor and avid dice player, Jeremy wanted to play his favorite games away from the tabletop, so he created palm-sized dice (3.5 cubic inches) for tossing and throwing outdoors. Yard Dice and Dominoes are fun, portable, and perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach outings and more. The whole family can enjoy classic dominoes and dice games like Greedy, Whamee, Balut, Pig, and Bunco.

These games are handmade in Minnesota from solid wood with branded pips
(the dots on the face of each die) and a rich finish. The Yard Dice set includes 6 dice and directions for 10 different dice games. The Yard Dominoes set includes 28 dominoes, from double blanks to double sixes. Both come in a rustic drawstring bag for easy portability.

Jeremy’s hardwood dice are ready to roll anytime, anywhere. We’re feeling lucky. Are you?
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