7 Color Set with Counter Display - 36 units Case of 36

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Great purchase

8/8/2016 by Joann

I love snapi ,I use it for everything instead of a serving spoon. I also bought them for gifts they make a great stocking stuffer.



9/26/2015 by Paul

Was perfect for my grown granddaughter who only has use of one hand from a birth defct. She loves this gift'


Single Handed Servers

3/29/2015 by Barbara

The Single Handed Server is great. I've only had them for a short time, but they're used a lot. So handy when one hand is full and you need salad on you plate too.
I'm really pleased with them - only one problem - one of the lock springs was broken when it arrived.


Works great

3/14/2015 by Nanette

Used with cooked noodles, with salad, with steamed veggies.
Gave one as a gift and the recipient was thrilled, too !



1/7/2015 by Tiffany

Great Product at a great price, I used mine within a week of getting getting it.Makes serving pasta and salad easier and more fun.


Shell scoops

1/6/2015 by Kate

I really like the snapi – I have two of them, and gave one to a friend, who admired it at a party. It is easy to put in a salad when I take it to a potluck. Doing it the old way was a bit bulky, but doing it this way I can cover the whole salad, with the snapi inside – and everything is very easy!


Good buy

1/1/2015 by Suzanne

This is a handy gadget. Even though I, of course, looked at the pictures, it is a little larger than I expected. That's okay though. It works well and a lot of "stuff" can be grabbed at one time.


its a snap!

12/28/2014 by kathy

Great product- so simple and quick to serve salad now!


Snapi makes a great gift

12/22/2014 by Donald

I gave these orders of Snapi as gifts because I know how useful they are. I have not yet heard from the recipients, but I'm sure they are enjoying them.



12/18/2014 by KL

even my grandchildren like these. It helped to get them to eat salad! I also use them for other things, like grabbing dog food and noodles out of hot water (I bought more than one, obviously). I gave some to my daughter and her mother-in-law. We all love them!

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The Snapi Story

Simple Server

Make serving food easier with Snapi, a fun utensil designed to grab an entire portion of food without putting your plate down. Whether you're allocating food for a family dinner or entertaining a room full of guests, Snapi's clamshell design allows you and your guests to effortlessly scoop a portion of their favorite foods without dropping any of it. The tool works particularly well with messy dishes such as pasta and salads, as well as fruits, veggies, and more. Unlike regular tongs that require you to use both hands, Snapi allows you to scoop your favorite dishes effortlessly using only one.

Snapi is made right here in the United States and features a molded plastic hard-shell with a soft-touch easy-grip base. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the tool also offers a convenient open/close locking mechanism for easy storage. When you are done serving, throw the Snapi in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Reduce your serving messes by using this fun and comfortable single-handed server. Even your guests will be sure to grab a full serving and go back for seconds, without the fear of making a mess.
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